Bereaved families support blacklist protest

Campaign group Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK) is backing the campaign against blacklisting of workers for their safety and trade union activity.

A FACK spokesperson said members of the group would join protesters outside a 24 November employment tribunal case in Manchester, where cases against major construction firms, brought by 23 blacklisted construction workers, are to be heard.

She said: “Members of FACK know from our own personal loss, that poor safety on sites puts workers lives at risk and we totally condemn employers who sack, victimise, blacklist or otherwise mistreat workers and trade union safety reps when they complain about risks to their lives and health.

“If employers had responded by improving health and safety, complying with at least minimum legal standards, many of our sons, husbands, brothers and others would still be alive today. It is amazing that in the UK it is not yet illegal to blacklist workers and that the HSE does not react strongly to support workers who stand up to criminal employers by taking enforcement action against them.”

The FACK spokesperson added: “Many of those killed by negligent employers have complained to their families about the poor health and safety they face on site and how they fear for their lives, many were about to leave for other jobs when they were killed.

“Until the government and the health and safety enforcement agencies get tough with criminal employers in construction and other areas, they have licence to go on killing workers, risking workers lives and health and destroying the working livelihoods of those they blacklist and victimise.

“We depend on those brave enough to stand up for our health and safety, what a disgrace we don’t have a government or Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that will do the same.”

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