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Police give back confiscated banners

Police have caved in and agreed to hand back banners confiscated by security guards on 7 February from the Fiddlers’ Ferry protesters.

[youtube Al8GrJj1C78]

Defend Steve Acheson: Protest, 16 February

Message from the Blacklist Support Group

“Manchester Campaign Against Blacklisting has called for a peaceful protest at Fiddlers Ferry next Tuesday 16th from 7 am to support Steve Acheson against the latest (probably illegal) actions from the power station security in taking down Steve’s banners, then taking them from him – all under police protection.

“Legal advice from a lawyer specialising in human rights law indicates that they had no right to take down the banners; as they were tied on the fence there was no criminal damage, and although the power station Head of Security said they were defamatory, that is a civil not a criminal matter.  Also to take someone’s property like that is a form of theft, even if supervised by a police officer.”