Newly released report proves police collusion with blacklisting

Blacklist Support Group news release

On Wednesday 6 March 2019, the 10th Anniversary of the building industry blacklist being exposed, a newly released police report proves that the police shared information with the blacklist over decades.

Major construction firms such as Sir Robert McAlpine, Carillion and Balfour Beatty funded the now notorious Consulting Association and the Economic League to spy on and deny work to union members who raised concerns about safety.

The Creedon Report into Operation Reuben, the internal police investigation into blacklisting was disclosed by the Metropolitan Police to lawyers representing the Blacklist Support Group, because of there core participant status in the public inquiry into undercover policing.

The key findings of the 70 page report include admissions that:

  •  “Police, including Special Branches and the Security Services supplied information to the blacklist funded by the country’s major construction firms, The Consulting Association”  (para 4.2)
  • “Special Branches throughout the UK had direct contact with the Economic League” (para 13.1.2)
  • The Metropolitan Police Special Branch Industrial Unit spied on union members “from teaching to the docks, attending conferences, and protests personally, and also developing well placed confidential contacts” (para 6.11)
  • Undercover police officer Mark Jenner, who infiltrated the construction union UCATT gathered intelligence on “over 300 individuals”  (para 11.8.3)
  • Another police unit, the National Extremism and Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU) gave a PowerPoint presentation to a meeting of the Consulting Association (11.6.6)
  • Police sharing information with big business and other bodies about prospective employees continues to this day through the Industrial Liaison Section within the National Domestic Extremism Unit (para 11.1.17)

Roy Bentham, joint secretary of Blacklist Support Group, commented:  “The police are supposed to uphold law and order, not spy on perfectly democratic organisations such as trade unions. Blacklisting is a national scandal and confirmation that the police colluded with this shameful and unlawful activity is beyond the pale.

“Justice demands a full stand alone public inquiry into this disgraceful human rights conspiracy between big business and the UK’s political police.”

Imran Khan QC, lawyer for the Blacklist Support Group at the undercover policing public inquiry, commented: “This report is official confirmation of a process which many workers in the construction industry knew or suspected was going on for a long time.

“Many thousands of  lives were ruined as a result of what can only be described as deplorable conduct on the part of the police. The UCPI has duty to now dig even deeper to discover the true extent of what the police did and hold them to account for their actions.”

  •  Blacklist Support Group 10th anniversary parliamentary meeting, 5pm Wednesday 6 March 2019, Committee Room 10, Houses of Parliament

Confirmed speakers:

  • John McDonnell MP
  • Imran Khan QC
  • Gail Cartmail AGS Unite the union
  • ‘Alison’ ex-partner of undercover police officer Mark Jenner
  • Chris Stephens MP
  • John Hendy QC

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  1. Blacklisting of northern irish or irish workers has been going on for over a decade with Ian Kerr asking to answer one question off the record that being in his tribunal; did you very deny northern irish/irish workers employment. Here we have now evidence to show the Balfour Beatty are at it still here at Rosyth shipyard with emails stating; we will ask the SJIB or make sure they are going to be in line if needed. Bribery doesn’t need to know how individuals are going to be influenced, just shown that their decision can be bought. Another email states; usual nonsense from that lot I’m away to get back up. I don’t care how you paint it but that shows contempt for core workers through bullying, harassment.

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