Labour MP calls for inquiry into construction industry

From the Blacklist Support Group

The OFT has fined 103 construction companies for rigging bids for contracts. This follows the scandal of construction companies abusing their workforce through blacklisting practices, and increasing concerns about the practices of gangmasters in the industry and health and safety standards.

John McDonnell MP said: “OFT revelations about the abuse of public funds by the construction industry comes hot on the heels of the blacklisting scandal, and abuses by construction gangmasters. This has exposed the industry as a law unto itself in the way in which it abuses the system to maximise its profits.

“There now needs to be a full public inquiry into the construction industry’s practices: including cover pricing, blacklisting, and health and safety.”

John McDonnell MP has tabled EDM 1357 ‘Blacklisting in the Construction Industry’ and EDM 1366 ‘Gangmaster Licensing Authority’

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