It’s good to reuse the green, green glass….

Discarded beer and wine bottles can help build a greener future, a Hong Kong union has demonstrated.

The Hong Kong Dumper Truck Driver Association (HKDTDA) launched an innovative Green Glass Green pilot project in June. Drivers collect used wine and beer bottles from designated disposal areas three times a week. From there, the green glass heads to an eco-brick plant, specialising in the production of recycled building materials.

In the project’s first two months, over 11,000 empty bottles were collected, enough to produce 2 tonnes of eco-brick.

HKDTDA, an affiliate of the global union federation BWI, says the pilot has proven green glass recycling is feasible. It warns, however, that without government investment the development of green initiatives like this will stall. The union is also urging lawmakers to pass legislation to require businesses to take a more responsible approach to recycling.

Green glass has found another construction use, recycled as ‘Glasphalt’ and used in road surfacing.

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