Making sure green jobs are decent, good and safe jobs

Shipbreaking - a recycling industry thats green and deadly.

GREEN DANGER Some green jobs, like shipbreaking, exploit, poison and kill.

Far from being our economic and employment salvation, left to its own devices the green economy could deliver the same unhealthy mix of hire-and-fire, poison-and-pain jobs that remain a blight on the reputational landscape of the not-so-green economy. This isn’t paranoia. It’s already happening, and it is happening on a grand scale. Luckily, unions and environmental campaigners are on the case, working for good, green jobs.

This ‘Green jobs, safe jobs’ blog, from the trade union health and safety magazine Hazards magazine and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), addresses the real life health and safety issues that must be an integral part of discussions on the development of a green economy.

The blog aims to challenge the assumption that green jobs are automatically a good thing. If they kill workers they are not good; if they exploit workers they are not good. And there is no iron law guaranteeing that employers who are kind to the environment are kind to their workers.

The ‘Green jobs, safe jobs’ blog presents evidence on the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, so that we get jobs that are decent, safe and green. And it widens the discussion to incorporate issues like worker participation and unionisation as essential components of a healthy green economy. The blog is designed as a companion to the  Hazards green jobs, safe jobs webpages.

Hazards magazine and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).