Green smart meter plan needs to be safe

UK government plans to introduce “smart meters” to homes nationwide as an energy saving measure must take account of safety and other concerns about rogue contractors, the union GMB has said.

The GMB call comes a week after the Australian government had to clampdown on “shonky” contractors after a series of deaths in young workers installing ceiling insulation under its “energy efficient homes” programme.

GMB was commenting after the Department of Energy and Climate Change announced its intention to have 47 million of the smart meters installed in 26 million properties by 2020. Gary Smith, GMB national secretary for the energy sector, said the union welcomes the proposal but “does so with a degree of caution and concern over the future development of the smart metering programme.”

He added: “Well established companies in the industry, in sharp contrast to too many of the contractors, are mindful of the need to train and upskill their employees not just in technical skills and safe working practices, but in ‘softer’ – but nevertheless vitally important – skills like customer care.

“GMB believe that there would be no merit whatsoever in the energy companies that are awarded the contracts to deliver the programme simply sub-contracting this work out, without regard to the need to maintain extremely high standards of technical excellence, health and safety, and customer service.”

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