Unions worldwide lead the leaders

The global labour movement urged President Obama and other world leaders at this month’s meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to take strong stands on issues of jobs, trade imbalances, currency policy, workers’ rights and climate change.

With 59 million people expected to be unemployed worldwide by the end of the year, trade union leaders called on the G-20 countries, which include China and Japan, to continue to press for a coordinated global economic strategy to stimulate new jobs to ensure a real recovery. 

In a statement prepared for the 14-15 November APEC meeting, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and the Asia Pacific Labor Network (APLN) called for accelerating efforts at job creation by Asian and Pacific governments. The global labour movement expressed concern about low wages in Asia and called on Asian leaders to “get back on the track with the creation of decent work.”

Unions also called for workers’ rights to be at the centre of a strategy for global economic growth. In their joint statement, the ITUC and APLN said decent work and respect for human rights is essential to achieve a stable regional economic structure.

A report in the blog of US national union federation AFL-CIO says working families and their unions are calling for progress to be made on climate negotiations— progress toward climate change policies that pay attention to employment and workforce issues and promote green jobs.

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