Climate change rules mean new jobs

Global leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Summit can create millions of jobs if they introduce effective legislation on climate change, a top campaign group has said.

Following  US President Barack Obama’s address  at the meeting, the Blue Green Alliance executive director David Foster said: “President Obama’s speech today to the United Nations Climate Change Summit underscores the importance of addressing our global economic and climate challenges. And with these challenges come great opportunity to reignite the American ingenuity that has served our nation so well.

“Passing comprehensive climate change legislation is the most effective way to rapidly put millions of Americans to work building a clean energy economy, and the best way to revitalize our nation’s economy to compete in the future.

 “We can create 1.7 million jobs in the United States by investing in clean energy. The Blue Green Alliance recently found that with a strong Renewable Electricity Standard, we can create more than 850,000 manufacturing jobs in wind, solar, geothermal and biomass power. 

“Comprehensive climate change and clean energy legislation will be the spark we need to create good jobs and reduce the carbon pollution that causes global warming. Now, it is time for the Senate to act and get a strong bill to the President for his signature in 2009.”

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