US green jobs could mean more union jobs

For Mario Ciardelli, a member of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 683 in Columbus, Ohio, the issue of green jobs is important because it could mean new jobs for workers with skills in electrical work.

Ciardelli was one of the 80 people who attended a breakout forum on “Building a Green Jobs Economy from The Ground Up” at the AFL-CIO’s 26th Constitutional Convention this week. 

A report on the AFL-CIO Now blog says IBEW recently launched Working Green, a new section on its website featuring the latest news about the union’s role in the green revolution for members, contractors and others looking to break into the new energy economy.

IBEW is aggressively training and preparing its members to help transform the nation’s struggling economy through a range of environmental investments in green technology, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Ciardelli says the new green jobs are not new jobs to IBEW members—they merely require new equipment and processes.

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