USA: Greening America with good jobs

Alliance for Climate Protection, Blue Green Alliance Hit Road for Made in America TourUnions and environmental groups launched a campaign on August 19, highlighting the benefits to American workers and businesses of transitioning to a clean energy economy that will create millions of jobs.

The ‘Made in America’ Jobs Tour started in Ohio on August 20, the first of 50 stops across 22 states organised by the Alliance for Climate Protection’s Repower America campaign, in partnership with the Blue Green Alliance and its labour and environmental partners.

“Building a clean energy economy can revitalise American manufacturing, but only if we commit to using domestically produced components,” said United Steelworkers International President Leo W Gerard.

“In confronting the challenges of recession, global warming and energy independence, we have an opportunity to transform our economy and create good jobs that truly are ‘made in America.’”

A recent Blue Green Alliance report found if the US instituted a national renewable energy standard, more than 850,000 manufacturing jobs at firms already in existence across all 50 states could be created manufacturing the parts for wind, solar, geothermal and biomass power.

“We can create millions of jobs building the clean energy economy – whether it’s manufacturing the parts for windmills, building hybrid car batteries or weatherising homes to make them more efficient,” said David Foster, executive director of the Blue Green Alliance.

“Now we’re combining our efforts to spread the message that by transitioning to a clean energy economy, we can revitalize America’s manufacturing sector and boost our economy for the long run – and create jobs Made in America.”

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