Blacklisters ‘named and shamed’

The Blacklist Support Group has ‘named and shamed’ the top construction company bosses that have chaired The Consulting Association. They have also named the construction industry’s ‘main contacts’ with the illegal covert blacklister.

BSG is seeking to ‘blacklist the blacklisters’. It wants to know:

  • where are they working now?
  • are they involved in publicly funded contracts?
  • have any union reps had the misfortune of negotiating with them?

Chairs of The Consulting Association

Full list of the company Directors that chaired The Consulting Association

1993-96    Cullum McAlpine – Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

1997-99    Tony Jennings – Laing O’Rourke

2000-01    Danny O’Sullivan – Kier

2002-03    Stephen Quant – Skanska

2004-05    Trevor Watchman – Balfour Beatty

2006-09    David Cochrane – Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

‘Main contacts’ for The Consulting Association

Full list of Human Resources and Industrial Relations Directors who were the “main contact” between the construction companies and The Consulting Association.

Sir Robert McAlpine:  David Cochrane

Costain:  Trevor Spice, Geoff Hughes, Ken Ward

Carillion:  Liz Keates

Tarmac:  Liz Keates

Crown House: Liz Keates, Roy Hay, Dianne Hughes

Skanska:  Stephen Quart, John Dickinson

Balfour Kilpatrick:  Gerry Harvey, Elaine Galagher, Paul Raby, Arma Johnston

Balfour Beatty Major Projects:  Trevor Watchman

Balfour Beatty Construction:  Ann Cowrie

Balfour Beatty Scottish & Southern:  Vince James

Haden Young:  Carolyn Williams

Morgan Estate:  Steve McGuire

Amec: Arnold Nestler

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services:  John Dangerfield

HBG Construction:  Richard Bull, Paul McCreath

Kier:  Danny O’Sullivan, Kathy Aimansoor:

Vinci:  Alan Audley

Nuttall:  Bridget May

Bam Nuttall:  Pat Swift

Cleveland Bridge UK:  Lynne Day

Shepherd Engineering Services:  Lisa Stevenson

NG Bailey:  Murray Reid

CB & I: Ron Barron

Encor: Iain Coates

SIAS Building Services:  John Stoddart

Laing O’Rourke:  Liz Keates, Sylvia Smith, Lisa O’Mahoney

Rosser & Russell:  Harry Pooley

Mowlem:  Alf Lucas

Whessoe:  Roy Knight

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  1. mickey
    Posted 15 June, 2013 at 11:44 am | Permalink

    i was blacklisted in 92 for being a safety rep/ shop steward at the time i was on one of the biggest civil jobs in london. Guess how many days we lost due to strikes NONE but we lost one poor soul who was crushed to death and his broken body exported back to ireland to his family, and plenty of accidents bad ones at that, all i ever did was raise safety issues, as for the ico yes they sent me my blacklist file but half of the info is missing. the job i did was a specialist one youre lucky to get 1 to 3 of us on site yet once i was laid off i never did that job again no matter how many times i telephoned and wrote to employers. I hope this blacklisting gets exposed and theres a proper inquiry into the people who funded it colluded into it lets hope theres a light shone on there shady practise

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