It’s Euro life, but not as you know it

Stephen Hughes has called for 3m new green jobs in 10 years.

GREEN PLAN Stephen Hughes has called for 3m new EU green jobs within 10 years.

Lifestyles in Europe will change dramatically over the next 10 years — with people enjoying greater prosperity, holding better jobs that use new skills and “going green” at work and at home — at least they will if proposals announced at the European Parliament on 25 November gain support.

A paper from the parliament’s influential Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group says 10 million new jobs will be created under the plan — three million of them in the green economy. Changing lifestyles in a decade: 2020 vision for Europe also says homelessness in the EU will be ended by 2015 and every citizen will have broadband access.

The framework document notes: “Greed and waste underpinned the recent problems of our society. We want reforms in our financial system to prevent unregulated traders from ever again bringing us to the brink of ruin. We will promote legislation that ends inequality and creates a society of solidarity and social justice.”

S&D vice-president Stephen Hughes, who led three months of talks to fine-tune the proposals, said: “Europe will lead a radically different way of life in our vision of a fairer society that tackles greed and waste. Every day, from breakfast to bedtime, we need to do things differently in order to meet serious challenges for society.

“Changing our lifestyle will make our economy more competitive, allow us to spread prosperity across society and bring us all new benefits.”

S&D says its document sets out a wide range of proposals for social and economic advances, stressing measures to prevent future financial crises. A further paper next year will put forward even more specific action, it adds.

According to UK MEP Stephen Hughes: “The primary aim of EU policy should be to improve people’s quality of life. Our proposals flesh out that objective with simple, practical policy ideas. We want now to engage with the European Commission and national governments to see how we can put these reforms in place and bring benefits to citizens in all 27 EU countries.”

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