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Each issue of Hazards includes a centrepage factsheet, giving detailed advice, references and information sources on a hazards issue. They are listed here in date order, starting with the most recent. Where a Hazards centrepage did not feature a factsheet, that issue is omitted from the list. Please support Hazards' continuing work by subscribing.

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145 Target cancers more
Die diesel die more
McBurned more
Degraded more
Work and suicide more
On course! more
You gotta fight for your right to safety moreOrganising 101
138 Women's work more
Find a friend moreOrganising 101
Level thinking more
Tired out! more
Get mapping more
133 Road block more
132 Hit list more
Turn it on! more
Dead serious more
Hey! Watch gonna do? more
Low blow more
Safety unmasked more
126 Fracking boom more
When it pours more
Act up! more
Tough luck more
Citizen sane more
Well, then? more
Game on! more
Trashed more
You lie, we die more
Safety in the dock more
Dust up! more
This BS will kill you more
Body blow more
The real job killers more
Dangerous li(v)es more
Death watch more
110 Fit for purpose? more
109 The union effect [pdf]
108 Dangerous lead more
107 Green collared more
106 While you were sleeping more
105 Collect your cards! more
104 Souped-up safety reps more
103 Spin cycle more
102 Get justice more
101 Women’s work [pdf]
100 Impaired thinking more
99 OHS SOS more
98 Fighting cancer more
97 Stop! Asbestos! [pdf]
96 Not dead yet more
95 Too young to die more
94 Organise! PDFposter more
93  Futile exercise? more
92 A job to die for? more
91 Standing problem more
90 A little compensation more
89 Workers' health information more
88 Occupational voice loss more
87 Nanotechnology dangers more
86 Safety Reps at work more
85 Workplace privacy more
84 Gene machine - more
83 Drop dead - overwork more
82 Menopause PDF
81 Give us a break! Toiletbreaks campaign more
80 Workplace safety criminals: Campaign Poster more
79 Victimisation PDF
78 Get a life! Worklife balance PDF
77 Drugs and alcohol policies PDF
76 Union Inspection Notices PDF
75 World mapping PDF
74 Organise! PDF
73 What's your body worth? Compensation PDF
72 Lone working PDF
71 DIY workers' health studies PDF / Text
70 Bullying at work PDF
69 Not what we bargained for: Changing workplaces PDF
68 Europe under strain PDF
67 Women at work text
66 Sickness absence policies
65 Violence at work
64 Reproductive health at work: Men
63 Reproductive health at work: Women
62 Breast cancer and industrial exposures
61 Body mapping PDF
60 Risk mapping PDF
59 Disability: DDA and work-related ill-health
58 Computer vision syndrome Text
57 Health and safety info on the worldwide web
56 Ergonomics: Making the job fit
55 Drugs: Workplace law, policies and screening
54 Cancer and occupation
53 Toxics use reduction
52 Hazards safety reps' survey
51 New management techniques
50 Asbestos campaign guide
49 Overwork: fatigue, long hours and pressure
48 Vibration and related health problems
47 Electromagnetic radiation
46 Pregnancy and work
45 Visual display units (VDUs)
44 Risk assessment: No hazard, no risk
43 Control at work
42 Hazards information sources
41 Solvents and brain damage PDF
40 Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
39 Asthma and work
38 Strain injuries and work
37 Fumes from burning plastic
36 Driving hazards
35 Working environment fund
34 Working hours and health
33 Cutting fluids/machining fluids
32 Biological monitoring
31 Substitution of hazardous substances
30 Sick building syndrome
29 Shopwork hazards
28 Heart disease and work
27 Coroner's inquests
25 Hazardous substances law (COSHH)
24 Industrial injuries benefit
23 Wood preservatives
22 Pesticides safety
21 Inspecting your workplace
20 Hard metal disease/grinders
18 Cleaners' health and safety
16 Chemical exposure standards
14 Safety and deregulation in mines
12 Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
11 Textile chemical hazards
10 Ionising radiation standards
9 Scaffolding safety checklist
7 Diesel exhaust fumes
6 Asbestos factsheet
4 Construction health hazards
3 Chest x-rays
2 Vehicle repair risks


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