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28 APRIL 2004


ICFTU ICFTU Workers' Memorial Day 2004 webpage
ICFTU Workers' Memorial Day 2004 briefing

ICFTU news release, 28 April 2004

ICEM 28 April: A day to focus improvement on safe, healthy worksites. Good health, safety culture inherent in ICEM's global agreements.

IFJ Prime time for health and safety in media industry Say global journalists.

IMF The International Metalworkers' Federation has published a special section (in three languages) on their website for the Workers' Memorial Day. EnglishFrancais Español

ITF The Secretary of the ITF’s Inland Transport Section speaks about the growing importance of Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28.

IFBWW The international building workers' union has published a Workers' Memorial Day Poster pdf  circular and briefing

ITGLWF Circular from the general secretary of the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation

IUF On the occasion of the IUF's World Executive Committee, IUF would like to invite you to join the, at an event to mark International Workers Memorial Day, April 28, 2004. and IUF Call to action

ILO For 28 April, 2004 the ILO has sent out communications to its many field offices worldwide requesting them to organize tripartite events. A new fact sheet, report and other materials are available (in three languages) from the ILO web page.
A listing of ILO events.

TUAC The Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD in Paris will let burn a commemoration candle throughout the day on 28 April for workers within OECD countries.

UNITED NATIONS NY The 60-strong New York Labour Chorus will sing at the 28 April opening session of the High Level Segment of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) where a Global union delegation will promote "Sustainable Work & Workplaces" within this year's CSD themes of water, sanitation and human settlement.

NATIONAL LISTINGS 2004 [additional entries will be made as new information becomes available]

Africa - Argentina - AustraliaAustria- Bangladesh - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Burkina Faso - Burundi  - Canada - ChinaCosta RicaCook Islands - Croatia - Czech RepublicDenmark - Estonia - FijiFinland - Georgian FederationGhanaGuatemala - Guyana - Hong Kong SAR  HungaryIndia - Indonesia - IsraelItalyJapan - Kenya - KoreaLatin America / CaribbeanLithuania - Malawi  Malaysia - MaliMalta - Mauritania - Nepal - New Zealand - Nigeria - Papua New GuineaPanama - PalestinePeru - PhilippinesPolandPortugalSenegal - SingaporeSouth AfricaSpain - Sri LankaSweden - Tanzania - Thailand - United Kingdom - USAVietnam - Zimbabwe


AFRO Top African union leader to light candle of hope.

21-28 April A national week on occupational safety and health.

Te informo las actividades programadas en Argentina para el 28 de Abril.

UnionSafe Network Workers' Memorial Day briefing.

LHMU release and further details

ACTU Observe One Minutes Silence 9th International Workers' Memorial Day
• Five work-related deaths per day: National commemorations

ÖGB The Austrian Trade Union Federation are to join the Workers' Memorial Day by lighting commemoration candles, sending out press releases and email notices.

OHSE Foundation Bangladesh Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Foundation is to organise events in collaboration with the Institute of Science and Labour (JAPAN) and Tokyo OHS Centre.

GTWL The Garments Tailor Workers League (GTWL) intends to observe 28 April 2004.

The Belgium government links 28 April to its new "PhARAon" national health and safety strategy.

Lula's Government observes April 28 in Brazil 28 April will be observed for the second year by Brazilian government bodies and social partners as trade unions and employers' organizations. The main ceremony will be held in Brasilia with the presence of Labor Minister, Public Health Minister and Social Affair Minister. Representatives of ILO and WHO will participate at the ceremony. Several government bodies all the country will be organize activities and candle ceremonies to remember workers died and injured at workplace. At this day the ministers will launch several initiatives to struggle against accidents and diseases.

CITUB The initiatives, which CITUB will be doing on 28 April as a commemoration day for the dead and injured workers, are the following.

KNSB The ICEM-affiliated Federation of the Independent Syndicates of Miners (KNSB) of Bulgaria will organise a special meeting on 28 April on health and safety at work. The Federation will also take part in a religious ceremon and has organised events in mines all over the country aiming to stress the need for safer working conditions and social benefits.

CSB Mettent l'Accent Sur VIH/SIDA Pour le 28 Avril.

COSYBO The 'CONFEDERATION DES SYNDICATS DU BURUNDI' will light a "CANDLE OF HOPE" for HIV/AIDS Victims at its headquarters on 28 April. Contact

CLC It is with great sorrow that after 20 years of fighting for improved legislation at both the federal and provincial/territorial levels, the rate of deaths and injuries in the workplace are showing no signs of decreasing.

CAW Canadian Auto Workers' web briefing on Workers' Memorial Day.
CAW president Buzz Hargrove's address.

CUPE April 28th day of mourning for workers killed and injured on the job.

ILO ILO has jointly organised a 28th April seminar with the State Administration for Work Safety to mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

CIWA The Cook Islands Workers' Association plans for Workers' Memorial Day. Brief report of events.

28 April Activities in Costa Rica.

UATUC The Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia has designed an envelope and stamp that will be used on April 28, 2004 by the central post office in Zagreb for all the mail delivered on that day.

CMKOS The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions deepens stakeholder and trade union involvement in 28 April programme.

LO The Danish trade union movement has decided to dedicate April 28, 2004 to special activities under the motto; "Safe and healthy work for all".

EAKL It is the first time that the Confederation of Estonian Trade Unions will celebrate the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers.

ILO 28th April: The programme will include a specially created drama about an accident at work, a keynote address by the Minister of Labour and a presentation by employers on the cost of workplace accidents. A minute of silence will be observed in memory of those who have died at work. Events will take place at the Civic Centre, Suva. There will also be an exhibition of materials on Occupational Safety and Health and a media and advertising campaign.

Trade Unions In Finland join the 28 April family.

GTUA A list of activities planned by the GTUA and it's affiliates to mark the International Day of Dead and Injured Workers.

GTUC The Ghana Trades Union Congress will be organising activities to mark the 28th April in the country.

CUSG The ‘Confederacion de Unidad Sindical De Guatemala’ will host a ceremony in front of its headquarters in Guatemala city. A floral monument will be mounted and commemoration candles lit. Short speeches, a moment of silence, accompanied by music will be organised. Trade unions from the central part of the country are expected to attend. Contact Carlos Enrique Mancilla Garcia at

NACOSH The National Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health recorded over 2,000 work-related accidents last year. Stabroek News

CGO Central Government Offices Over three hundred workers, some in wheelchairs, dressed in black T-shirts joined the rally organized by the Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims (ARIAV) and the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) on Sunday, April 25, 2004 to mark the 9th International Commemoration Day for the Dead and Injured Workers.

LIGA The Democratic Confederation of Free Trade Unions Workers' Memorial Day plans.

The SOCIETY FOR WORKING LIFE (Women & Health Congress Secretariat) in New Delhi, India will light a commemoration candle on 28 April and consider how to spread the message to other workplaces. More information about the theme will follow.
Contact Sunita Kaistha at

ILO Meetings, training programmes and resources distribution are planned to mark the 28 April day.

ILO 26-28 April: Seminar on Occupational Safety and Health in the Footwear sector, in Cibaduyut, Bangdung. Also on 28 April (To be confirmed) - Launch of an Emergency Response Plan by the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration at Petro Kimia, a big chemical plant in Gresik. Contact: Gita Lingga, (62 21) 391 3112,

Histadrut Activities on the occasion of 28 April, 2004.

CISL Italian Unions Create 28 April trend For integrating OHS with sustainable development.

RENGO April 28/May Day - Japan.

ILO 28th April will mark the Launch of online forum on occupational safety and health on the ILO's Japanese website to promote good practice and discuss ideas for improving safety at work. The forum will be open until 30th June. ILO Tokyo Office Contact: Mr. Takanobu Teramoto, (81 3) 5467 2701,

KPAWU Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union is to light a "CANDLE OF HOPE" for dead, injured and HIV/AID's suffering workers.

FKTU A very comprehensive April 28 activities report by KLSI-IIC.

KCTU Worker's Memorial Day article in Korea Daily Labor News about the activties of Korean Federation of Construction Industry Unions.

ORIT/ICFTU El Organisation Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores will host a special 28 April ceremony for workers in all of the Americas and Carribean Countries. It will be held in San José, Costa Rica. Further details

LTUC The Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation has published a Workers' memorial Day Briefing.

BCCEAWU Malawi unions join 28 April commemoration events.

MTUC The Malaysian Trade Union Congress has annually lit 28 April commemoration candles and will do so again this year. MTUC has circulated a survey (jointly with a local univeristy) to analyse the degree of OHS awareness amsong workers and will also host a a one-day OSH Workshop for affiliates.
Contact: Noorlaila Aslah, Steno at

ILO April 28 will be marked by distribution of the ILO report: "Safe Work, Safety Culture," printed by the National Institute for Safety and Health.

CSTM Confederation Syndicale des Travailleurs du Mali take on 28 April as a yearly activity.

General Workers
Union of Malta Workers' Memorial Day activities

CGTM The Confederation Generale Des Travailleurs De Mauritanie will organise a conference for 28 April at its headquarters in Nouakchatt and will invite civil society and press represenatives to participate. More details to follow. Contact Abdallahi Ould Mohamed dit NAHAHat

GEFONT 28 April becomes yearly mass mobilization event for human & trade union rights in Nepal.

NZCTU Candle & memorial service with train and work stoppage in New Zealand for 28 April.
Visit the NZCTU WMD pages

NLC The Nigeria Labour Congress will be Holding a Workers Rally on HIV/AIDS as part of the May Day activities and to mark April 28th, a symposium on April 28th and a workshop for health and Safety officers between 18-21 April.

PGFTU On the first of May (the International Labor Day), and the 9th International Commemoration Day for Dead & Injured Workers on the 28th of April the Palestine General Federation of Trade Union (PGFTU) will host a ceremony in commemoration of the serious tragic accident in which 14 women workers that were killed in Hebron in a gas factory on the 21st of October 1999.
UPDATE Israeli forces block Palestinian union health and safety activity.

ILO reports the Ministry of Labour is organising a half day meeting on the Occupational Safety and Health Bill, headed by the Secretary Ms. Margaret Elias.

Panama becomes the tenth country to adopt Workers' Memorial Day

ILO Mobilises 28 April Events in Peru

CUT Peruvian Unions Join 28 April with first-ever activities throughout the country.

OMI The 'OBLATA DE MARIA IMACULATA' (an order of Catholic priests) has performed 28 April commemoration ceremonies every year since 1998 to honour dead and injured workers. These have taken place at the 'Parroquia Nuestra Senora De La Paz' in Lima, Peru. Commemoration activities will once again take place on 28 April, 2004. Contact Padre Leblanc at

TUCP Trade Union Congress of the Philippines to organise a candle lighting and poster making competition.

ILO reports that on 28th April there will be a Tripartite Forum on Safety and Health at Work, with presentations by government, workers and employers on their programmes for safety and health at work, at ILO, RCBC Plaza, Makati City. Exhibition of photographs and IEC materials on safety and health, as well as posters from the Trade Union poster contest. Contact: Sylvia Fulgencio, Tel. (632) 867 4662,

NSZZ "Solidarnosc"
28 April activities

UGT-P Uniâo Geral de Trabalhadores (UGT) 28 April activities.

CNTS Syndicats du Sénégal se joignent aux activités du 28 Avril.

NTUC The National Trades Union Congress of Singapore will organise a symbolic candle lighting commemoration in its offices on 28 April. It will issue a solidarity statement on the day and is considering the possibility of hosting a special seminar (details to follow).Contact Evelyn Wong at

NTUC statement on Workers' Memorial Day

AUPE will favorably support our national center NTUC efforts on the activity. A seminar may be organized to coincide with this international day to raise awareness of the theme and commitment and also the continuing efforts in promoting safety and health culture and minimizing work-related accidents and occupational diseases.
Michael Tan National, Secretary, Amalgamated Union of Public Employees.

COSATU WMD activities

NACTU National Council of Trade Unions, Business Unity SA, ILO and Department of Labour,RSA, will jointly commemorate the International Day For Dead & Injured Workers, on 28 - 30 April 2004, in all 9 Provinces of the Republic of South Africa.

The ‘Comisiones Obreras’ and ‘Union General de Trabajadores’ have planned extensive activities in over eighteen town, cities and regions of Spain for 28 April (See below and attachment). The joint introductory statement for 28 April pays tribute to the victims of the recent 11 March terrorist attack in Madrid and highlights the specific activities that will take place throughout the country as these relate to either or both 28 April themes for 2004. Contact Javier Torres at

CC OO sticker image

ILO 28 April activities.

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) will have work-related muscle and joint problems as subject on April 28.

TPAWU In Tanzania 28th April will be marked by a tripartite event at the Karimjee Hall in Dar-Es-Salaam to discuss the a document titled, "Safe Work and Safety Culture". The Tanzania Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (TPAWU), Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA), ILO and the Tanzania Employers Association (ATE) will be involved. Representatives of other stakeholders e.g. civil society organisations have also been invited.

OHSEI The Asian Workers' Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Institute (OHSEI) and the ILO invite you to join us at an event to mark International Workers Memorial Day at 10 am on 28 April 2004 at OHSEI.
• Further news from OHSEI.

Hazards Campaign

Safety reps' alert for Workers' Memorial Day 2004.
Safety reps' guide to organising WMD. [pdf]
WMD background [pdf]

Greater Manchester Hazards Centre listing

CSC Construction Safety Campaign announce a Workers' Memorial Day protest at Wembley stadium where a worker was killed earlier this year.

• A special edition of the TUC's Ezine Risks has been released for Workers' Memorial Day.
• A consolidated and frequently updated list of UK trade union Workers' Memorial Day activities.
• Suggestions for events and events planned so far to mark Workers' Memorial Day 2004.

GMB GMB London Region is planning to use Workers Memorial Day to highlight their on-going campaign on workers exposure to tobacco smoke while at work. Greater details will follow in the coming weeks. In the meantime for further information contact

TGWU A listing of national and local TGWU activities.

• Workers' Memorial Day poster. [pdf]
• Further information and events.

Workers' Memorial Day Bulletin 2004

• General briefing on Workers' Memorial Day
• A briefing on Workers' Memorial Day aimed at the clergy and church workers

HSE Workers' Memorial Day website.

AFL-CIO Workers' Memorial Day materials available

CWA Useful and very succinct Workers' Memorial Day alert from the Communication Workers of America.

SoCalCOSH has sponsored a Workers' Memorial Day event at UCLA Downtown Labor Center.

UAW Workers Memorial Day items have been posted to the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America website.

ILO 28 April will be marked by distribution of a Vietnamese version of the report: "Safety in Numbers-pointers for a global safety culture at work" by ILO to all labour inspectors and occupational safety and health officers. The Department of Occupational Safety will have activities to promote the Day.

Zimbabwe Social Partners Join 28 April Efforts With ILO.