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Fire fight
HSE stands by as fire chiefs cut firefighters’ lifelineEmergencies involving breathing apparatus are the No.1 cause of death in firefighters at work. Getting it right is a big deal, says FBU safety lead Riccardo la Torre. Which is why the union is fighting a policy change that leaves firefighters unprotected in some of the highest risk situations.
Hazards 163, July-September 2023

HSE is missing in action: Workers pay with their livesA public body that operates in secret. A safety regulator that tolerates deadly risks. A watchdog that is rarely seen. Hazards says the Health and Safety Executive has a lot of questions to answer.
Hazards 163, July-September 2023

We despair
HSE action on suicide could save lives; it just doesn’t want to do it People are driven to suicide by their jobs. We know it, the Health and Safety Executive knows it. Hazards eviscerates the regulator’s four feeble excuses for doing absolutely nothing to end the heartache.
Hazards 163, July-September 2023

Burnt out
Growing work intensity is leaving workers sick and tired Most workers are exhausted at the end of their working day, a new TUC report has found. It warns pressures including low pay, staffing shortages, creeping surveillance and runaway work intensity are creating a ‘perfect storm’ which is fuelling burnout at work.
Hazards 163, July-September 2023

Discounting women
Work cancers in women go unstudied and unaddressedCleaners are the unsung heroes who take care of the core infrastructure that makes our societies run, says Eddy Stam of the global union UNI. He says their labour is often unseen and at night, with unions taking action to address the alarming impact of harassment, gruelling sleep schedules and exhaustion.
Hazards 163, July-September 2023

Casual killer
Dave Smith’s guide to organising | No.22 | Precarious contracts are a hazard Employers know full well that their bonus schemes, casualised contracts and their own supervisors place pressure on workers to cut corners to hit tight deadlines. Dave Smith says union safety reps need to ensure these risks are part of the risk assessment – because casualisation kills..
Hazards 163, July-September 2023

Hazards poster: Ghosted
The HSE is abaondoning workplaces.Don't wait for an inspector to call. Get active. Get organised.
A Hazards pin-up-at-work poster

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Seen 'Work cancer hazards'?
A continually-updated, annotated bibliography of occupational cancer research has been created by Hazards, the Alliance for Cancer Prevention and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).
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Organising 101 Dave Smith's guide to organising

Send an e-postcard to HSE demanding it introduce a more protective silica standard no higher than 0.05mg/m³ and with a phased move to 0.025mg/m³.

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Deadly Business
A Hazards special investigation

The decimation of Britain's industrial base was supposed to have one obvious upside - an end to dirty and deadly jobs.

In the 'Deadly business' series, Hazards reveals how a hands off approach to safety regulation means workers continue to die in preventable 'accidents' at work.

Meanwhile, an absence of oversight means old industrial diseases are still affecting millions, and modern jobs are creating a bloodless epidemic of workplace diseases - from 'popcorn lung' to work related suicide.  Find out more