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No! No! No!
Covid-19 deaths at 3.4 times the rate for all other work fatalities No prosecutions. No leadership. No clue. Hazards looks at the impact of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) keeping a safe distance from enforcement activity as Covid-19 raged in the workplace.
Hazards 152, October-December 2020

Smoking gun
Report calls for urgent action on firefighter cancersFirefighters risk their lives to save ours. But work-related cancers caused by routine toxic exposures, both at incidents and in training, could be a far bigger risk to their health, warns Hazards.
Hazards 152, October-December 2020

Coronavirus risks are mostly up in the air Hands, face, space. We all know the mantra. But you can’t stop breathing and if the workplace air is going nowhere and is chock-full of coronavirus, you’ll still be at risk. Hilda Palmer of the Hazards Campaign explains the critical importance of ventilation and why it is necessary to clear the air.
Hazards 152, October-December 2020

Safety at sea
Seafarers at risk – hidden, vital and still at sea New research has identified “systemic failures” in the implementation of the regulatory regime protecting seafarers’ hours of work and rest, undermining the credibility of international regulations relating to working hours. It’s a crisis now exacerbated by the Covid pandemic, which has seen hundreds of thousands trapped at sea.
Hazards 152, October-December 2020

Fighting our corner
We deserve better. Fight back now before it's too late. Hundreds of workplace clusters each week. Not a single prosecution. It's not just Covid. Work-related injuries and ill-health have soared. A Hazards pin-up-at-work poster.

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Seen 'Work cancer hazards'?
A continually-updated, annotated bibliography of occupational cancer research has been created by Hazards, the Alliance for Cancer Prevention and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).
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Organising 101 Dave Smith's guide to organising

Send an e-postcard to HSE demanding it introduce a more protective silica standard no higher than 0.05mg/m³ and with a phased move to 0.025mg/m³.

We want more!
If you like what we have to say, then ‘like’ our We Love Red Tape facebook page spelling out our blueprint for a bigger, better Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Deadly Business
A Hazards special investigation

The decimation of Britain's industrial base was supposed to have one obvious upside - an end to dirty and deadly jobs.

In the 'Deadly business' series, Hazards reveals how a hands off approach to safety regulation means workers continue to die in preventable 'accidents' at work.

Meanwhile, an absence of oversight means old industrial diseases are still affecting millions, and modern jobs are creating a bloodless epidemic of workplace diseases - from 'popcorn lung' to work related suicide.  Find out more