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Hazards and
Workers' Health International Newsletter
PO Box 199
Sheffield S1 4YL

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Hazards magazine is the TUC backed workplace health and safety magazine and is recommended reading for all trade union safety reps and others concerned about workplace safety.
Hazards, PO Box 199, Sheffield, S1 4YL, England.
Tel: 0114 267 8936
email: sub@hazards.org
Online subscriptions: here


TUC Know Your Rights Line: Provides basic advice on a range of issues, including health and safety, bullying, violence at work, breaks, young workers and back care.
Tel: 0870 600 4882.

TUC safety website:
Lots of health and safety news, advice and policy papers can be accessed via the TUC safety web-site. You can also buy the TUC's comprehensive Hazards at Work guide. TUC safety website

TUC safety training:
All safety reps should receive trade union training. Details of the training offered by the TUC around the country can be found in the "Courses, courses" feature in Hazards 75, or on the Hazards diy research page
The TUC can also provide details of training in your area.
Tel: O207 636 4030. See TUC Risks for updated lists of TUC training courses.

TUC Risks: TUC Risks is the TUC's weekly health and safety online bulletin, delivered to trade union safety reps by email. You can subscribe online; to subscribe free, register your details View past issues on the TUC website

Your union

Unions provide first class information, training and resources. Contact your union for details of safety publications and training programmes. A list of many of the UK trade union health and safety websites is available here


HSE publications: HSE free and priced publications can be ordered online or are available from:
HSE Books, PO Box 1999, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2WA.
Tel: 01787 881165 or fax: 01787 313995.

HSE on the web: You can get to most HSE publications and press releases from the "what's new" page on the HSE website. www.hse.gov.uk/new/index.htm Alternatively, try www.hsedirect.com

HSE's homepage is: www.hse.gov.uk
HSE Infoline:Telephone HSE Infoline 08701 545 500.
Information is also available from HSE Information Services, Caerphilly Business Park, Caerphilly, CF83 3GG.
By email: hseinformationservices@natbrit.com

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