Hazards 98
April - June 2007

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HAzards cover - issue 98
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Hazards 98 Zero ACncer campaign poster
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Hazards issue 98 April - June 2007


4-5 Cross words As work deaths rise and HSE’s austerity drive leaves it haemorrhaging staff and mothballing work programmes, Hazards looks for clues on what unions – so far refused any new rights by HSE after its worker involvement consultation - should do next. more

6-7 Raising issues A crane collapse in London last year killed two people. But this wasn’t just one more quickly forgotten tragedy. Julia Brandreth explains how the Battersea Crane Disaster Action Group (BCDAG) spurred safety action nationwide. Hazards safety rep questionnaire

8-17 News in brief Call for new journalist killing law. Tories fail to block site law. Union concern as work deaths soar. Train bosses won’t pay for Paddington. Crash highlights ongoing rail problems. Pair jailed for asbestos crimes. Businessmen behaving badly. NHS hurt. Drivers in the dock. Who pays for work stress? New global zero cancer campaign. Government ‘failing’ on nano safety. New consultation on REACH enforcement. Women and occupational cancer. New asbestos victims didn’t do dirty jobs. Dockers win asbestos appeal. Canada approves asbestos use in toys. Action on mesothelioma.

Centrepages Fighting cancer Walking past a workplace was enough to give Leigh Carlisle, 27, an incurable cancer. Can you think of a better argument for occupational and environmental cancer prevention? A Hazards prevention guide. more

20-21 Lumbered The Chilean forestry union CFT is one of the most active unions on health and safety in the sector anywhere in the world. Fiona Murie explains how CFT forced one of Latin America’s biggest multinationals to the negotiating table. more

22-23 Not good The government is clear its new preoccupation with “good work” is part and parcel of its desire to reduce the benefits bill. But when HSE backs a strategy that includes unhealthy workplace advice and plays down the impact of bad work, alarm bells really start to ring. more

24-29 What the unions say Give safety reps more time. Food firm injuries fall thanks to union. Loco campaign wins cab upgrades. Mail union delivers on safety. Unions act after work falls. Workers secure vibration payouts. Call for end to work allergies. What price on your life? Europe’s strategy “poorest” yet. Union rejects testing policy. Temperature rises at work. Punishment fitting the crime?

30-31 International news South Africans march for safety. Deaths soar with the gold price. Suicide blamed on job burnout. Safety damaged by rights attack. News from the USA.

32-33 Resources Latest tools in print, on DVD and online.

34-35 Who feels the benefit? The government is reviewing the work injury and disease benefits system.