Hazards 94
April-June 2006

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Hazards issue 94 April-June 2006


4-7 Breathtaking Asbestos diseases kill thousands in the UK every year. But these are not just statistics, they are all stories of pain, heartache and bereavement. [pdf]

8-9 Sure, we'll be safe What would criminals think if the knew the police presence had dropped by over 25 per cent in three years, and more cuts were planned? That’s exactly what has happened at the workplace, where Health and Safety Executive (HSE) workplace inspections have plummeted to a new low and HSE is increasingly relying on companies to just say they’ll be safe. more

10-11 Corporate crime Scottish unions push for work deaths law. Cockler gangmaster jailed for 14 years. Jail terms for Tebay rail track deaths. Haulage boss jailed after crash. Businessmen behaving badly.

12-17 News in Brief Union welcome for gangmaster watchdog. Farm injury exposes child labour risk. MOD acts on journalists’ safety. Watchdog calls for bar on genetic discrimination. Bereaved to speak out in court. Sick of badly managed worker syndrome? Government working on mental health problems. Temp work ‘harms women’s health. Work-related reasons to kill yourself. Workplace nanotech concerns grow. No compensation for serious injuries. Gruesome jail death enquiry call. What price on your life?

Centrepages Organise! Organised workplaces may be safer workplaces, but good organisation doesn’t happen by chance. A new Hazards pin-up-at-work poster give safety reps an at-a-glance guide to a giving the workplace a union safety organisation health check. more

20-21 Life and death in Gujarat Gujarat is one of the most industrialised regions of India and provides millions of jobs which are extremely hard, harsh and hazardous. Jagdish Patel of the Peoples Training and Research Centre describes how innovative campaigns are winning improvements. more

22-23 Consultation consultation The government is kicking off another “employee consultation” consultation. This time, says TUC’s Hugh Robertson, it should introduce meaningful changes to recognise the lifesaving role of union safety reps. more

24-29 What the unions say Safety reps make schools safer. Smoking ban “a victory for union campaigning”. Poor odds for casino workers. Unions and bird flu. Sick miner payouts pass £3bn. Family challenges CPS on teen death. TUC warning on compensation reforms. Hazards Questionnaire. Unions welcome holidays ruling. Bosses pay for sacking the sick. Six figure payout for work stress. Deaths penalty for UK’s best paid boss.

30-31 International news Oz anti-union law could kill. Asian silicosis victims hit Europe. Union attacked for Mexico mine deaths strike. Action on deadly Bangladesh factories.

Pages 32-34 Resources Publications, resources and news from HSE.

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