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Hazards 87
July - September 2004

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Hazards, issue 87, July - September 2004


4-5 Getting away with murder Every week an average of five workers are killed at work. Almost all of these are the result of management failures, and all of them are avoidable. Frances O'Grady, TUC's deputy general secretary, says bosses guilty of safety crimes must face justice. [pdf]

6-7 Safety crimes news HSE safety plan in disarray. NAO demands site better safety. Less clapping, more slapping. Businessmen behaving badly.

8-13 News in brief Corporate responsibility scheme "not working". 21st century company reporting. Compensation culture is a "damaging myth." Drug tests don't work. Major award for top campaigners. IBM buries cancer evidence. Alarm at "disastrous" Euro safety move. More say no to asbestos. Canada will fight global asbestos controls. Safety enforcement off the rails. HSE public safety policy is "unlawful". Gangmaster law "a victory for union action". Smoking gun.

14-15 Vital signs New Zealand's Labour government, after intensive lobbying from unions, has introduced new laws requiring worker participation in health and safety. Ross Wilson, head of the country's top union body, says the law is vital in turning around New Zealand's appalling health and safety record. A Hazards photofile. more

Centrepages   Dangers come in small particles
Hundreds of nanotechnology applications are already in commercial production, despite a huge health and safety question mark. Hazards investigates how an industry the safety authorities admit they know precious little about has been allowed to grow, unregulated, into the biggest thing since the microchip. Hazards special report

18-19 Stress, downsizing and insecurity Being downsized increases stroke risk. Expansion puts pressure on. Work stress a "material contribution" to stroke. Karoshi deaths system speeded up. Hours masterclasses. Stress sickness up.

20-25 What the unions say Stress consultation could bypass safety reps. Get serious on hours. Drivers hours limits arrive late. Sick at work. Roving reps - not coming to a workplace near you. UNISON hurts dangerous employers. Unions beat off criminal injuries attack. Workers organise over safety. What price on your life? Survey reveals lab worker risks. Protective equipment "must be free". Shops serve up violence. Stop bus violence, says union. Hazards Questionnaire.

26-27 International news Oz unions want to get it right. Union reps under attack worldwide. Dead Canadian worker wins safety dispute. Worker safety is a US business casualty. Safety in Europe.

28-31 Resources Publications, online resources, events and news from HSE.