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28 February 2004

Brazil Asbestos multinationals gag safety campaigner
Britain Teacher gets £250,000 payout after attack
Finland Lack of worktime control makes you sick
Global Downsizing can kill those left behind
Britain UNISON calls for end to dirty needle terror
Australia Study blows a hole in pub trade smokescreen
Britain "Brave" new world or back to the future?
Britain TUC guide to avoiding repetitive strain injury
Australia UnionSafe Network
Australia Unions call for work death law
Australia Unions to prosecute banks for hold-ups
Canada Corporate "obligation" to tackle stress
Thailand Officials say 200,000 Thai workers injured
USA Union fund aids "Ground Zero" workers


Surge in serious accidents offshore
Britain Call for end to "joke" work death penalties
Britain Overworked? Tell someone about it!
Britain Construction work is a strain
Britain Companies say directors should be responsible

21 February 2004

Iran Hundreds killed in chemical train explosion
Britain Work your proper hours day
Singapore Bird flu recognised as work disease
India Work for parents, education for children
India Say no to white asbestos
Britain Safety reps should be at the heart of safety
Australia Judge blames transport bosses, jails truckie
Britain Snooping council pays out after worker assault
Britain NUT wants more health and safety reps
Britain Teachers warned over school trips


Nine out of 10 councils wrong on teen working
Britain Strike ballot over Tube sober working sackings
Britain Union targets gangmasters "infesting" sites
Britain Union calls for public enquiry into rail deaths
Britain Darling says rail is "too cautious" on safety
Britain Bodymapping outbreak on work site
Britain Widow loses asbestos compensation battle
Britain NUJ bullying website

14 February 2004

Britain Manslaughter probe follows 19 migrant deaths
Britain Migrant deaths force government about face
Britain TUC supports bill on penalties
USA Chemical safety board slams safety watchdog
USA Fired if you pee, fired if you don't


Landmark ruling on workplace bullying
South Africa Outrage after farmer "fed worker to lions"
Iraq IFJ mourns loss of nine journalists in bombing
Britain Overworked lecturer wins payout
Britain HSE staff driven to industrial action
Britain Asbestos widow faces cancer death
Global The missing cases of beryllium disease
Britain Working parents want family friendly hours
Britain HSC puts the business case
Britain European Parliament challenges UK's long hours

7 February 2004

USA "Bankrupt" asbestos firms flourish in US
Britain UNISON prepares for Workers' Memorial Day
Europe Chemicals crackdown will save thousands


Tech firms promise action on exploitation
South Africa Unions slam AngloGold over miners' deaths
Britain Union issues asbestos epidemic warning
Canada Horror stories of x-ray techs
Britain Euro union urges UK to avoid hours action
USA Couple awarded $6 million in asbestos case
Britain New resources for RSI Day, 29 February 2004
Britain Work your proper hours day, 27 February 2004
Britain Official safety alert over rail job cuts
Britain GMB warns of asbestos "ticking time bomb"
Britain Long hours culture takes its toll on UK drivers

31 January 2004

Britain TUC calls "work your proper hours" day
Denmark Guards say no to jail house monsters
Global International RSI Day, 29 February
Europe MEPs support end to working time opt-out
Europe Work risks to women are neglected
Britain Where there's a chill there's a way
Britain RMT action call in working-while-sober sackings
Britain West faces asbestos cancer epidemic
Global Brutal conditions in microchip factories
Global Regulations are the only way to stop abuse
USA Woman denied strains payout gets $12m
USA Ergonomic experts boycott conference
Britain Amicus wins safety rep time off tribunal
Britain HGV drivers secure milestone hours deal

24 January 2004

Britain Working when sick is infectious says TUC
USA "Cavalier" boss gets jail for scaffold deaths
Global Report exposes corporate responsibility con
Britain Dying asbestos victim gets six figure payout
Britain £700k fine for rail tunnel explosion
Algeria Twenty dead as blast shatters gas plant
Britain Scot's judges develop corporate homicide law
South Africa Minister "angry" at site deaths
Trinidad & Tobago Too many accidents on the job
Britain Clergy job rights get closer to good
Australia Union criticises "failed" work deaths plan

17 January 2004

Britain New bid to control gangmasters
USA Bush fires off belated safety alarm
Britain Union condemns "appalling" site deaths rate
New Zealand Business warms to new safety laws
Britain DTI study shows need for hours protection
Australia Negligent employers on notice say unions
Australia Government faces massive asbestos bill
Britain Danger for Britain's hidden Chinese workers
Britain No smoke without litigation warns campaign

10 January 2004

Britain More delays for the corporate killing law
Britain TUC appoints new head of safety
Europe TUC welcomes European working time review
China Gas blast death toll rises
Britain Make the boss own up to accidents
Australia Bursting bus drivers told to wait and wee
Britain Airline unions say guns and planes don't mix
Global Asbestos ban hopes boosted
Britain "Utterly reckless" boss jailed for worker's death
Britain Six figure fine after teenager dies
Sweden Most companies failing on hazardous substances
Britain HSE accused of "superficial" inspections
USA Bosses getting away with "wilful" deadly violations
Britain Nasty message in the inbox? You've got stress
Britain Stressed pilots driven to drink

20 December 2003

Canada Just when you thought you weren't safe...
TUC Christmas survival guide
USA Prison threat for managers arrested at work
PM told to shut up shops for xmas
Bangladesh Shipbreaking is a life sentence
Time to change your accident book
Australia Workplace bullies "ruin young lives"
Spruced up xmas workplaces banned
Bus union welcomes new violence guide
Canada Westray miner gets stress payout
USA Firms turn to hair tests to check for drug use
Draft Euro report backs TUC hours campaign
Almost all firms have liability cover
Europe Agency plans to tackle construction
Royal Mail the "worst company for bullying"
Study confirms passive smoking risks
TGWU calls for end to child labour on farms
Bosses to blame for oil safety breaches

13 December 2003

Alan Dalton, safety champion, dies
Lying government is a global asbestos pusher
Europe should toughen up working time rights
Fine for firm that ignored RSI warnings
Ergonomic guide for clothing workers
Safety warning over contracting out
US tips on cold weather working
Do you want compensation with that?
Union takes on "punitive" drugs policies
Ageing hits workers before bosses
Vision syndrome affects most computer users
Management failures cost CSG £650,000
Widow joins fight against Crown Immunity

6 December 2003

USA Workers need workplace violence education
Britain Balloon protest for workers' safety
Britain GMB says "burn out Britain" is a reality
Britain EU report exposes UK working time abuse
Austria The tills are alive with the sound of muzak
Britain Sober workers fired under "zero tolerance" policy
Canada Unions launch safer needle campaign
Britain Workplace snoopers face legal clampdown
USA Compensation cases link welding to Parkinson's
Britain Campaigns continue against asbestos profiteers
Britain Smoke signals bad for UK, good for NZ
Britain Just say no… to drug and alcohol tests
Britain Amicus say UK workers deserve Oz style law
Britain Acting can be hazardous
Britain CCA challenges flawed corporate killing plan
Britain Corus fined after another workplace death


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