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Hands off
Time to take sexual harassment at work seriously and change the law Both the UK safety regulator and the equality regulator said an unequivocal ‘#NotMe’ when we asked who investigates and prosecutes cases of sexual harassment at work. Hazards editor Rory O’Neill exposes the regulatory vacuum that guarantees those employers that let bad things happen know it is safe to carry on regardless.
Hazards 146, April-June 2019

Don't despair
Union action call on work-related suicides Work-related suicides are the forgotten workplace killer. But after one ‘toxic’ organisation disbands its top management team and the French courts put three top bosses linked to a suicide epidemic in the dock, Hazards editor Rory O’Neill explores the growing pressure for prevention.
Hazards 146, April-June 2019

Expecting more
New push to ensure expectant and new mothers are safe at work For two decades employers have had an explicit legal duty to ensure the health and safety at work of expectant mothers. But two in five mums-to-be still believe they have been placed at risk during their pregnancy. Hazards spells out their legal rights and how to get them.
Hazards 146, April-June 2019

Stone dead
India’s stone carvers demand action as thousands face a horrible death Hundreds of stonemasons took to the streets of Pindwara on 1 May 2019, to protest at the deadly dust risks facing the workers building India’s temples.
Hazards 146, April-June 2019

What's the point?
Say no more work suicides, no to desperately depressing work Suicides caused by bad jobs are a real and growing problem at work. it's time to do something about it. A Hazards pin-up-at-work poster.

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Deadly Business
A Hazards special investigation

The decimation of Britain's industrial base was supposed to have one obvious upside - an end to dirty and deadly jobs.

In the 'Deadly business' series, Hazards reveals how a hands off approach to safety regulation means workers continue to die in preventable 'accidents' at work.

Meanwhile, an absence of oversight means old industrial diseases are still affecting millions, and modern jobs are creating a bloodless epidemic of workplace diseases - from 'popcorn lung' to work related suicide.  Find out more