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End the Conservative deregulation fetish now
The Tories have deregulated workplace safety, environmental and housing standards. The Grenfell Tower tragedy was an inevitable conclusion of the profit before people strategy. The Conservatives are wrong to say safety is a burden; the real burden is the human price paid as a result of their cynical neglect.
Find out out why deregulation is a deadly mistake

Hazards 137, January-March 2017

Face it
We are all sickened by inequality at work Whether it is a gaping gulf in pay, job insecurity or job discrimination based on your class, gender or race, a divided workplace is bad for your health. Sharan Burrow, general secretary of the global union body ITUC, reveals how inequality is a real pain in the workplace – and outlines how unions can make things better.
Hazards 137, March 2017

A last goodbye
Suicidal work: Work-related suicides are uncountedYour job can drive you to kill yourself, but don’t expect your suicide to be counted in official work fatality statistics or for the boss to end up in court. Leeds University researcher Sarah Waters highlights how the UK is turning a ‘blind eye’ to a major workplace killer.
Hazards 137, March 2017

Health and safety in the new US president’s crosshairsWhen Donald Trump proclaimed himself a champion of working men and women, he lied. From immigration to regulation, the new US president’s policies put workers in the firing line.
Hazards 137, March 2017

Toxic company
First cancer, now Samsung jobs linked to multiple sclerosis The reputation of Samsung, battered by a catastrophic product recall and a bribery scandal that brought down both the company’s heir apparent and Korea’s president, is in tatters.
Hazards 137, March 2017

Find a friend
Process mapping pays dividends for safety reps
A workplace may be seriously unhealthy, but it’s frequently only budgets, deadlines and margins in the must-do column for senior management. Dave Smith warns a solitary union rep quoting Hazards magazine is unlikely to change that. A lone voice is easy to ignore, particularly when the company board is more fixated on a healthy profit than a healthy workforce.
Hazards 137, March 2017

28 April poster: Face it
Unfair workplaces are a real pain
Only unions can make things better. 28 April International Workers' Memorial Day
A Hazards 28 April pin-up-at-work poster.

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Deadly Business
A Hazards special investigation

The decimation of Britain's industrial base was supposed to have one obvious upside - an end to dirty and deadly jobs.

In the 'Deadly business' series, Hazards reveals how a hands off approach to safety regulation means workers continue to die in preventable 'accidents' at work.

Meanwhile, an absence of oversight means old industrial diseases are still affecting millions, and modern jobs are creating a bloodless epidemic of workplace diseases - from 'popcorn lung' to work related suicide.  Find out more