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Buy me: HSE pimps out its services as regulating takes a back seatThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will soon be just half the watchdog it used to be. Hazards warns that as swingeing funding cuts bite, the once dedicated regulator is now devoting scant resources to pimping itself out to those with the means to pay.
Hazards 134 special online report, June 2016

Blacklisters: ‘The only thing they are sorry for is getting caught’ Major construction firms, terrified at the prospect of facing examination in the dock, have paid £75m to settle blacklisting claims out-of-court. Hazards says some top bosses may yet end up answering charges, this time for perverting the course of justice as they tried to cover their criminal tracks.
Hazards 134, Special online report, June 2016

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In a unionised workplace you should consider mapping at workIn a unionised workplace, one of the first things that you should consider is mapping. TUC head of safety Hugh Robertson says mapping can identify the workplace union’s strengths and weaknesses, and the hazards hurting your members, leaving you prepared to organise for safer, healthier work.
Hazards 134 online, June 2016

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UNI Europa: ‘Better regulation’ means worse regulationA union campaign has exposed the dangerous flaws in the ‘better regulation’ strategy in operation across the European Union.
Hazards 134, June 2016

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Victory on blacklisting - Now it is time for justice
Unions teach blacklisting construction firms an expensive lesson. A Hazards pin-up-at-work poster.

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Deadly Business
A Hazards special investigation

The decimation of Britain's industrial base was supposed to have one obvious upside - an end to dirty and deadly jobs.

In the 'Deadly business' series, Hazards reveals how a hands off approach to safety regulation means workers continue to die in preventable 'accidents' at work.

Meanwhile, an absence of oversight means old industrial diseases are still affecting millions, and modern jobs are creating a bloodless epidemic of workplace diseases - from 'popcorn lung' to work related suicide.  Find out more