Hazards 97
January - March 2007

This issue is sponsored by Amicus, NUT and UNISON


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Hazards issue 97 January - March 2007


6-7 Beyond prison? Some of Britain’s biggest companies have seriously neglected their safety responsibilities, with deadly consequences. Hazards takes a look at BP, and asks how bad will it have to get before a top boss ends up behind bars. more

8-9 Safety repressed The government admits the lifesaving work of safety reps saves society hundreds of millions of pounds each year. Now unions are asking why the Health and Safety Executive seems reluctant to expand their role. more Hazards questionnaire

10-17 News in brief Skint HSE could ditch docs. Massive attack on ‘red tape’. Safety must be council priority. Apply for an Alan! Businessmen behaving badly. Depressing news for job cut survivors. Temporary work is bad for you. Fat chance this will work.Young workers at risk. Europe passes diluted REACH solution. Will nano products come off the rails? Seven more unrecorded work deaths. Start preparing to stop smoking. Asbestos insurers owns asbestos firm. Safety is ‘No.1 priority’ for London Olympics. Harassed woman wins second payout. Work vehicles in 150 smashes a day.

Centrepages Stop! Asbestos! The asbestos factories have shut, but the asbestos hasn’t gone away. A new HSE/TUC guide advises safety reps how to keep workplaces safe from asbestos – including clearing out when there is a serious risk. [pdf]

22-23 Making links Australia Asia Worker Links has teamed up with union organisations and workers’ safety groups throughout the Asia Pacific region. Manrico Moro explains how linking up worker activists has led to more effective organisation on safety. more

24-25 Workplace cancer HSE’s low cancer estimate discredited. Generations face asbestos peril. Families appeal for asbestos help. Cancers ‘significantly greater’ in computer factories.

26-31 What the unions say CPS must review work death decision. Terry Lloyd’s death ‘a war crime’. Union exposes safety training cuts. Gangs cash in on van loot. Workers pay price of long hours. Union dismay as hours opt-out stays. Increasing workloads stress out lecturers. Protecting everybody at work. Amicus takes on ‘terrible’ silica. Lords to hear pleural plaques appeal. Union warning on nuclear clean-up cutbacks. What price on your life?

32-33 International news Bloodiest year ever for media workers. Gloves off in safety gear fight. Global contractors sign up to safety. Just say no to drug and booze tests.

34-36 Resources Publications, resources and news from HSE.