Hazards 95
July - September 2006

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Hazards issue 95 July-September 2006


6-7 Come clean HSE top brass say the enforcement-lite safety watchdog is performing well. But Hazards reveals HSE is facing a deepening crisis, with workplace inspections hitting a new low and HSE inspectors rapidly becoming an endangered species. more

8-9 Ill considered HSE failed to spot and stop a “world’s largest” outbreak of occupational disease. In April, it announced the firm responsible would not be prosecuted. As new research confirms HSE figures miss most occupational ill-health, Hazards warns HSE’s approach is seriously ill-conceived.

10-17 News in brief Weak corporate killing bill published. Scots fury at law cop out. Hatfield fine cut to £7.5m. Families Against Corporate Killers. Minister reveals welfare overhaul. Government acts on soaring NHS violence. Businessmen behaving badly. Firm fined after fatigue fatality. Stress makes blood pressure soar. Heart attacks linked to job loss. EU working time law hits stalemate. Safety “key” to 2012 Olympics. Unforeseeable risks setback for HSE. Unions want safer ship recycling. What price on your life?

Centrepages Too young to die A young worker is seriously injured every 90 minutes and killed every four weeks. These workers aren’t “accident prone” or careless, they are inexperienced. When they are hurt, it means not enough was done to protect them. more

20-21 Supply chains Why should a worker in Bangladesh have to put their life on the line to make a cheap sweater or t-shirt for European shoppers? Nina Ascoly of the Clean Clothes Campaign describes the global campaign for safe work and justice for Bangladesh’s garment workers. more

22-29 What the unions say Government stands up for asbestos victims. ILO to promote global asbestos ban. Asbestos site advert “misleading”. “Grave concerns” about inquest reforms. HSE to retain enforcement records. Safety reps sidelined on sickness. Strike against LEAN and mean work. New rights – it doesn’t hurt to ask! Editor wins £37,000 RSI damages. Rail stress disability payout. Shopworkers victory on Sunday opening. Hazards Questionnaire. TUC in renewed work cancer call. Warning from bladder cancer widow. Greenpeace rejects Chernobyl “whitewash”. More proof links Parkinson’s to pesticides.

Pages 30-31 International news Chemical standard row rumbles on. China cadmium poisoner issues writs. Murder in the workplace USA.

Pages 32-34 Resources Publications, resources and news from HSE

Back cover Families Against Corporate Killers poster