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Hazards 91
July-September 2005

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Hazards, issue 91 July-September 2005


6-7 Protection racket Britain has got one of the most unregulated economies in the industrial world. Tony Blair says so. But his government is still embarking on a dangerous deregulation exercise that could remove essential safety protections. more

8-9 Super power criminals The government wants fewer inspections by national regulators, and that includes the Health and Safety Executive. But with some of the world’s biggest firms guilty of serious safety crimes, just who’s going to be let off the hook?

10-17 News in brief Safety measures feature in Labour’s plans. Worker deaths are discounted. NHS staff shortages up violence risk. Bad jobs are stressing out millions. Landmark win for overworked staff. Bored to death. Bad business of long hours. UK stalls progress on working hours limit. Disability warning to bad employers. Hunt for sick leave action. Fight for medical exam centres. What price on your life. HSE ignores metalworking fluid cancer risks. Massive work asthma risk revealed. Workplace diseases – call the spin doctor. Deadly work toll is increasing worldwide.

Centrepages Standing problem Millions of workers spend most of the working day on their feet. Hazards warns that there are serious health reasons why they shouldn’t stand for it. more

20-21 Class act Unions in the state of Victoria, Australia, have been breaking new ground on workplace health and safety for over 150 years. Victorian Trades Hall Council’s Cathy Butcher explains how unions there organise for working people’s rights in the workplace and on the streets. more

22-23 Barroom battle The government says a workplace smoking ban is a public health necessity. So why should thousands of bar workers be left at risk from passive smoking, says TUC’s Hugh Robertson.

24-31 What the unions say Safety must be a London Olympics priority. Gangmaster draft is good for “slave drivers”. Workers “reduced to robots” by tags. Union safety campaign in Scotland. Hazards questionnaire. School unions welcome violence crackdown. Union concern at student violence. Fire crews face yobbery with violence. Wal-Mart faces safety flak. One death every five minutes. Dead before their time. Cape aims to cap asbestos liabilities. End the asbestos carnage. NZ safety reps have saved lives. Union irons out laundry firm’s resistance. Carrefour slammed for fire inaction. Unions fight for pesticides justice.

32-35 Resources Publications, online resources and news from HSE.

Back cover The killers The latest Hazards poster, coming to a noticeboard near you.