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Hazards 89
January-March 2005

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Hazards, issue 89, January-March 2005


6-7 In the firing line In the UK we have kinda, sorta rights. You can refuse dangerous work, but you can be fired for your trouble. You can speak up at work, but you risk being kicked out. Hazards calls for an end to this "protection racket" and says we'd all be safer if safety reps had more rights. more

8-9 Enough said Canada's largest union has ripped up its safety strategy and started again. CUPE national health and safety director Anthony Pizzino tells Hazards how his union said "Enough!" and moved to a more militant approach to union health and safety, with organisation at its core. more

10-17 News in brief TUC condemns "failing" safety regime. Safety enforcement drops off. Leaflets can't save lives. Government rejects safety improvements. Computers may cause glaucoma. Call centre acoustic shock. UK's dangerous benzene limit. Workers' Memorial Day, 28 April. Warning on language barriers. Inequality hurts, treatment worse. New code on temp labour abuse. Europe ponders strains action. Job loss and rheumatism link. Working wounded face heart risk. Putting the dead in deadlines. Work stress sends you demented. Work stress is a strain. Stress standards better work. order

Centrepages Your body, your business Employers could be breaking the law if they fail to respect workers' privacy on health issues. New official guidance on your health records puts strict limits on the information that can be obtained by your employer and says in most instances alcohol, drug and genetic testing are an unwarranted intrusion. more

22-23 Safety on a sick note Britain is not a "sickie" nation, latest research has proved. But attendance records would be better still if employers took rehabilitation seriously, says Usdaw health and safety officer Doug Russell. order

24-33 What the unions say More death law delays. Bill must target bosses. Unions write their own law. Businessmen behaving badly. Give us the tools, says TUC. Scotland plans "corporate homicide" law. First work death union in Oz. War on red tape - or workers? Work you proper hours. American dream is UK nightmare. £1/2m rail pay victory. Hazards Questionnaire Noise bar on bar noise. Smoking bar should be in bars. Small matter of being gassed. Widower fights for asbestos justice. "Sicknote Britain" myth is dead. Campaigners secure asbestos fund. Union push for global asbestos ban. Union action on paint solvents. Bid to improve China's deadly mines. order

34-37 Resources Publications, online resources, events and news from HSE. order

40 Workers' Memorial Day poster more