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Hazards 80
October-December 2002

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Hazards, issue 80, October-December 2002

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4-7 Deadly business If you kill, maim or hurt someone, you can expect to go to jail. Except if you employ that someone. Unions worldwide say employers shouldn't be allowed to get away with this workplace assault - and have the workplace safety criminals in their sights.

8-11 News in brief Passive smoking cancer payout. Railtrack changes track. Less violence in store. Fishing heads GB work death list. Stop the BS. Scots to fast track asbestos claims. Insurance troubles. NHS to clawback care costs. What's a rep to do? order

12-13 Hours of work Burn-out Britain is alive and unwell. Ten hour daze. Exodus of "worn out" staff. Enrich my job. Interfish fingered. Standing up for right to pee. order

14-15 PINs and needle HSE inspector Sarah Page went to Australia to look at union safety reps' rights, including provisional improvement notices (PINs). She found that UK safety reps, employers and inspectors are missing out on a labour-saving and potentially lifesaving approach.

16 Cancer in the system Unions worldwide are calling for urgent reform at the International Agency for Research on Cancer, after new evidence revealed it has developed a dangerous pro-industry bias. more

17-21 Workplace safety criminals A TUC/Hazards corporate accountability pullout special, including a "Deadly business" workplace poster to pin up at work.

22-23 Made in China Garrett Brown reports on an international project to add "safe" to the "made in China" label. A Hazards photofile. more

24-25 Stress up, beaten up, webbed up TUC's latest safety reps' survey shows stress is still tops, violence is on the up and safety reps are taking to the web to fight hazards. Plus latest news on roving reps and the union effect. order

26-31 What the unions say Unions stress action. New Euro ergo go. Ode rage. Work causes bad blood. What price on your life? RMT rep right, SWT gets rapped. Risks gets reps e-activated. Shadow on the lungs. Yes, minister. Hazards Questionnaire. Asbestos mine to bite the dust. Global firms prolong asbestos pain. Lax standards led to Nigeria fire. Unions act on BNFL toxic racism. Union agreements go global. Another bloody year for press freedom. order

32-35 Resources Trade union publications, reviews, unions online and latest news from our safety watchdog.