Hazards 78

April - June 2002

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Hazards, issue 78, April-June 2002

3 Contents [pdf format]

4-5 No union, no protection Organised workplaces are safer workplaces - fact. Hazards explores the lifesaving "union safety effect." [more]

6-7 Worker safety advisers The Construction Confederation thought it was on safe ground when it set out to block the TUC's Worker Safety Adviser (WSAs) scheme. As the first WSAs take up their "revolutionary" roving role, TUC's Owen Tudor explains how badly the industry body got it wrong. [pdf format]

8-9 Corporate crime Transco charged with "culpable homicide." Chasing villains, not scapegoats. Make them pay. China crimes crackdown. Businessmen behaving badly.

10-13 News in brief HSE's overdue solvent solution. Dirty secrets of the clean room. NHS skin costs. Home care guide. ABI picks up £1m asbestos tab. Help update the Hazards Charter. Plan for toxic trade controls. Europe wants fewer fibres. Protecting agency workers. Europe listens on noise. T&G slams vibration delay. What price on your life?

14-15 Building solidarity A union-backed institute in Asia is seeking to make occupational health and safety a major union organising issue. A Hazards photofile looks at its work with Nepal's construction unions.

Centrepages Get a life! Yeah, you've dealt with the chemicals, you are waist deep in risks assessments and the health and safety committee is tackling everything from soft loo roll to hard hats. And you still feel like a zombie. The Hazards factsheet says it is time to use our unions to get a life. more

18-23 What the unions say Euro stress and strains plan. One in 50 have RSI. Good jobs mean fewer strains... and bad jobs mean more strains. Stress workers lose payouts. Older women at risk. HSC drags on fags. Attack on school violence. FBU warned of asylum fire risk. Anthrax dismissal. What's a rep to do? Rail unions says safety first, not profit. Women poisoned in Malaysia, Global union condemns Mexico. Journalists press for safety. Drug tests gone mad. Hazards Questionnaire.

25 Asbestos round-up Quickie fix on asbestos compo. Asbestos victims still lose out. Insurer to prosper despite asbestos claims. White asbestos remains a threat.

27 International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April is International Workers' Memorial Day - the day trade unionists pledge to "Remember the dead, and fight like hell for the living." Pin up the Hazards poster at work. [pdf format]

28-29 Resources Trade union publications, web resources and forthcoming events.