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Hazards 156, October-December 2021


BARE FACED A new vaccine-evading variant, a national infection crisis that won’t die down. Hazards editor Rory O’Neill examines how Boris Johnson took too little action, too late and, through his personal disdain for the rules, may have fatally undermined the Covid fight. more

AIR FORCE It causes lung and heart disease and cancer. It’s probably in your workplace right now. The Hazards Campaign’s Hilda Palmer and Désirée Abrahams of Global Action Plan spell out why air pollution is a major problem at work and what you can do about it. more

TEAR UP It’s the top cause of work-related sick leave. And the great and good are backing a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) campaign to help you cope with your stress at work. But with cases in the last two years at an all-time high, Hazards editor Rory O’Neill warns hankies and hand-holding won’t hack it. You need to rip up their blueprint and take control at work. more


FAST AND FURIOUS You work hard, you hit targets, you survive another day. But then the targets ratchet up, enforced by AI systems, modern performance management or old-fashioned bosses just turning the screw. Hazards editor Rory O’Neill warns workers have good reason to be angry about the fast-paced disposable worker grind. more


DRESSED TO KILL It may be the most happening fashion chain around. But workers for some suppliers of the Chinese fashion giant Shein are doing excessive overtime in sometimes potentially deadly workshops, an investigation by an advocacy group has found. more


GRUELLING A frantic woprk pace can break your body and blow your mind.. A Hazards pin-up-at-work poster.


Infection news 6-9. Stress and health 12-13. Working hours 14-15. News in brief 22-25. Violence at work 26-27. Work and health 28-31. Deadly businesss 32-33. International news 34-35.


Send an e-postcard to HSE demanding it introduce a more protective silica standard no higher than 0.05mg/m³ and with a phased move to 0.025mg/m³.