Hazards 101
January - March 2008

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Cartoon: Andy Vine Web

Women's work
Artwork: Ned Jolliffe


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Hazards issue 101 January - March 2008


6-7 Food flavour wrecks lungs When dozens of US popcorn workers had their lungs destroyed by a flavouring chemical, it caused a national scandal. But it was seen as a US problem. It wasn’t, as Yorkshire factory worker Martin Muir can now testify. more

8-9 Crying shame Most of us have seen someone reduced to tears by work stresses. But crying can be just the start of it. Some workers get so distressed they opt for suicide. And workplace stress is geting worse. more

10-19 News in brief ’Tougher’ work capability tests. TUC dismay as work ill-health rises. Miners hit by compensation failures. Hazards wins top journalism award! TUC says sort out work hazards, not workers. Study exposes cancer control myth. Obligation to act on work cancers. Shiftwork linked to cancer. Pleural plaques action. Stop pandering to deadly bosses. Killers must face mega-fines. Cash is better protected. Killing at work guidance. Boss jailed for fatality cover up. Fines for teen site death. Big names kill too. Businessmen behaving badly.

Centrepages Women’s work Too many assumptions about the nature of ‘women’s work’ combined with too little attention to the real risks means the hazards of women’s jobs may be far less likely to get resolved. more

22-23 Working in Japan Many of today’s fast and furious work methods originated in Japan. Mick Holder looks at how JOSHRC, a small, union backed organisation, has ensured safety and healthy work has survived on the agenda. more

24-31 What the unions say Grieving mum calls for action. Warning on firefighter training. Train driver death rap quashed. Hazards photo competition. Get TUC certified online. TUC calls for more from HSE. Unite wins pay for fired TNT rep. Unions make the difference. Weakened HSE has ‘dumbed down’ role. Firefighters hurt then robbed. Train firm targets injured. Workers still getting deafened. What price on your life? Action call on ‘crime wave’. Tribute to 171 fallen journalists. Union challenge on migrant workers. Safety pays off.

32-33 International news Patchy progress on Euro laws. Massive strike for mine safety. Mexican miners in mass walkout. Safety reps work in France. Court supports Aussie reps.

34-35 Resources Latest reviews and resources.

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