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Unions work best when they represent everyone in the workplace. And they are at their most effective when grassroots union safety reps reflect the make-up of that workforce - and that means more women safety reps at work.


Organising Organised workplaces may be safer workplaces, but good organisation doesn’t happen by chance. Hazards organising webpages

Union effect Union safety reps have a dramatic, positive impact on safety at work - and the more training they get, the more marked the "union safety effect." Hazards union effect webpages

Safety reps Safety is better organised. Here Hazards presents the evidence and details of innovative union safety rep initiatives. Hazards safety rep webpages

Safe and sound at work Help make your workplace safer leaflet jointly published by HSE, GOSH/TUC and ORR [pdf]

Time off for reps "I want to be a safety representative but my employer won't give me time off for training. What can I do?" TUC Worksmart

Worker involvement - Health and safety representatives, HSE website.

Women make great safety reps Hazards poster

Gender and Occupational Safety and Health GOSH/TUC

Women and work For many modern work hazards it is often women facing more of the risk. Hazards guide and resources



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Women make great safety reps


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