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Incoming Health and Safety Executive head Dr Richard Judge is under government instruction to ‘commercialise’ the watchdog. But a Hazards campaign is urging the new chief executive to ensure the regulator uses its legal powers, people and skills to protect us at work, instead of flogging its services to all-comers.



Buy me: HSE pimps out its services as regulating takes a back seat from Hazards magazine issue 134

Our health and safety is not for sale from Hazards magazine issue 127

ACTION Print off and sent the 'Don't pimp our watchdog' letter to new HSE chief Dr Judge [pdf] or [jpeg]

RESOURCES A free 'Don't pimp our watchdog' graphic for your website [jpeg]



















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If you think the Health and Safety Executive’s new chief executive should spend his time improving workplace health and safety, instead of converting HSE into a cash- chasing semi-retired regulator, tell him. Print out, sign and send our ‘Don’t pimp our watchdog’ letter to Dr Richard Judge at HSE’s Bootle HQ.