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Britain: Hundreds attend Stockline tragedy commemoration
Hazards news, 17 May 2014


STUC backs move to reform fatalities inquiries
Hazards news, 10 August 2013

  STUC welcomes Government Response to Gill Inquiry
Hazards news, 27 March 2010
  A complete disaster
Hazards report, 13 August 2009
  Britain: Fatal factory blast 'avoidable'
Hazards news, 25 July 2009
  Britain: Official apology for blast factory failings
Hazards news, 25 July 2009
  Britain: Families call for HSE reform
Hazards news, 25 July 2009
  All gas and a lot of whitewash
University of Stirling, 17 July 2009
  ‘Waste of time and money and misses root causes’
Fack news release, 16 July 2009
  Britain: What does the ICL blast report really say?
Hazards news, 4 July 2009
  FACK statement on the release of ICL report to Ministers
FACK news release 2 July 2009
  Britain: Stockline probe refused to hear experts
Hazards news, 28 February 2009
  Toothless enforcement “invites more workplace disasters”
University of Stirling, 22 October 2008
  ICL/Stockline families dismay at means testing for inquiry
Scottish Trades Union Congress, 29 May 2008
  Statement to the ICL Plastics Public Enquiry from FACK
Families Against Corporate Killers, 21 May 2008
  Experts call on ICL/Stockline inquiry to probe regulators
ICL/Stockline Disaster report authors, 1 October 2007
  ICL/Stockline Disaster report authors welcome Prospect's call for full inquiry
ICL/Stockline Disaster report authors, 26 September 2007
  Expert report slams ICL and official safety oversight
Universities of Strathclyde and Stirling, 2 September 2007
FACK angry at ICL Plastics and ICL Tech Limited fines
Families Against Corporate Killers, 28 August 2007
Stockline families in demand for full public inquiry
Families Against Corporate Killers, 17 August 2007

General media

  ICL inquiry homepage • Inquiry report [pdf] and summary [pdf] [16 July 2009]
  The Government response to the ICL Inquiry Report [pdf]
[March 2010]
  Action on Liquefied Petroleum Gas safety: Government responds to Lord Gill’s report
DWP release, 18 March 2010
  Britain: HSE admits 'serious failings' led to blast
Hazards news, 5 September 2009
  Britain: HSE blast response ‘too little, too late’
Hazards news, 5 September 2009
  HSE response to Stockline ‘too little, too late’
Sunday Herald, 31 August 2009
  Watchdog failings are costing lives: The ICL Plastics case shows the Health and Safety Executive needs an overhaul
Sunday Times, 19 July 2009
  Liquid gas safety rules ‘inadequate’ five years after Stockline
Times Online, 17 July 2009
  ICL disaster report: Glasgow factory blast was 'avoidable'
The Herald, 17 July 2009
  Fatal factory blast 'avoidable'
BBC News, 17 July 2009
  Safety watchdog is damned over Stockline blast
The Scotsman, 17 July 2009
  HSE under fire over deficiencies in LPG inspections
Safety and Health Practitioner, 16 July 2009
  ICL inquiry report published
DWP news release, 16 July 2009
  Blast company 'flaunted' safety
BBC News, 16 July 2009
  Safety staff avoid discipline over ICL disaster
The Herald, 16 July 2009
  Britain: Stockline blast victim gets £250k payout
Hazards news, 20 June 2009
  Next phase of factory blast probe
BBC News, 21 October 2008
  Britain: ICL boss denies gas check responsibility
Risks 366, 26 July 2008
  First Stage of ICL Inquiry Concludes
STUC news release, 23 July 2008
  Engineer concern at blast factory
BBC News, 16 July 2008.
  Factory inspector apologises to relatives of explosion victims
The Herald, 11 July 2008
  ICL safety orders not enforced
Evening Times, 9 July 2008
  Stockline inquiry hears of ignored safety orders
Glasgow Herald, 9 July 2008
  Technician was 'never really happy' with Stockline gas tank
Glasgow Daily Record, UK - Jul 4, 2008
  No pipe checks at blast factory
BBC News Online, 4 July 2008.
  ICL gas concerns 15 years before blast
The Herald, 4 July 2008.
  Harrowing account of factory disaster at public inquiry
The Herald, UK - Jul 2, 2008
  ICL/Stockline Inquiry commences
STUC new release, 2 July 2008
  Britain: IOSH questions ICL safety cover
Hazards news, 21 June 2008
  Britain: Dismay at ICL inquiry means testing
Hazards news, 7 June 2008
  Tribute to Stockline blast victims
Hazards news, 17 May 2008
  Stockline inquiry to be held in Glasgow
BBC News Online, 28 February 2008
  ICL Inquiry Remit Announcement
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, 5 December 2007
  Why did they die?
Hazards magazine, 12 November 2007
  Statement issued on behalf of the ICL/Stockline Support Group
ICL Stockline Support Group, 2 October 2007
  Lessons from Stockline: Editorial
The Herald, 2 October 2007
  ICL Factory Inquiry Announcement
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service news release, 1 October 2007
  Joint inquiry into factory blast
BBC News, 1 October 2007
  Full public inquiry into factory blast is essential
The Scotsman, 27 September 2007
  Stockline inquiry must examine work of HSE
The Herald, 27 September 2007
  STUC welcomes Prospect support for ICL public inquiry call
STUC, 26 September 2007
  Union calls for Stockline inquiry
BBC News Online, 25 September 2007
  HSE union calls for Stockline disaster inquiry
Prospect, 25 September 2007
  ICL/Stockline Scottish Parliamentary Debate
The Scottish Parliament, Parlimaentary business, 20 September 2007
  Families want public inquiry into ICL blast
The Herald, 19 September 2007
  ICL Plastics Ltd and ICL Tech Ltd: response to ‘The ICL/Stockline Disaster’ report
Health and Safety Executive, 11 September 2007
  Blast report slams ICL and official oversight
TUC Risks, Number 322, 8 September 2007
  First Minister gives support to Stockline blast inquiry
The Herald, 7 September 2007
  Corporate killer must not evade punishment, MSP demands
Bill Wilson MSP, 4 September 2007
  Stockline disaster: The most damning verdict
Sunday Herald, 2 September 2007
  Time to tackle the shame of Scotland’s industrial fatalities
Sunday Herald, 2 September 2007
  So primitive: Bosses at plant didn't probe perils Safety exec didn't do it either
Glasgow Sunday Mail, 2 September 2007
  Company response: ICL Plastics Ltd and ICL Tech Ltd statement
ICL Plastics Ltd and ICL Tech Ltd, 31 August 2007
  Call For public inquiry into Stockline tragedy
Patricia Ferguson MSP, 30 August 2007
  Stockline verdict too soft
Institution of Occupational Safety and Health news release,
29 August 2007
  More questions than answers
The Press and Journal, 29 August 2007
  £44,000 for each life lost and bosses 'just go back to work'
The Scotsman, 29 August 2007
  Call for tougher laws after fatal blast
The Financial Times, 29 August 2007
  Blast victims' families call for new safety laws
The Guardian, 29 August 2007
  Why this paltry fine is the final insult
The Herald, 28 August 2007
  HMA v ICL Plastics Ltd and ICL Tech Ltd
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, 28 August 2007
  Factory blast firm fined £400,000
BBC News, 28 August 2007
  Explosion firms fined £400,000
The Scotsman, 28 August 2007
  ICL fined £400,000 over Glasgow factory explosion
The Guardian, 28 August 2007
  Families condemn blast firm fine
BBC News, 28 August 2007
  Court fines factory blast firms
BBC News, 28 August 2007
  ICL investigation - completion of legal proceedings
HSE News Release, 28 August 2007
  Stockline explosion - reaction to fines
Ann McKechin MP, 28 August 2007
  STUC reacts to ICL Plastics and ICL Tech Limited Fines
STUC, 28 August 2007
  Student assessed factory's pipes
BBC News, 27 August 2007
  Unite demands full inquiry into Stockline disaster.
Unite news release, 20 August 2007
  Stockline families' statement in full
BBC News, 17 August 2007
  Why only a public inquiry can give us the full story
Ann McKechin MP, 17 August 2007

Video clips

  HSE Head of Operations interview on Stockline
BBC News, 16 July 2009
  Families respond to Stockline report
BBC News, 16 July 2009
  Explosion explained
BBC News, 27 August 2007
  Relatives' grief
BBC News, 27 August 2007
  Survivor's account
BBC News 27 August 2007

Archive footage
BBC News, 27 August 2007


  Lord Brodie’s Stockline sentencing statement [pdf]
Court of Session, High Court of Justiciary, 28 August 2007