About us

The research behind the report was conducted by a multi-disciplinary team including workplace health, risk, employment rights and relations, corporate crime, architecture and accounting from the universities of Strathclyde and Stirling.

For further general information about the report, please contact

Professor Phil Taylor, Department of Human Resource Management, Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 548 3555.

Professor Andrew Watterson, Occupational and Environmental Health Research Group, University of Stirling. Tel 01786 466 283.


The report has been prepared by the following who can be contacted with regard to their specific expertise.

Professor Matthias Beck  University of York. Management and risk
expert. Scottish health and safety and Scottish anomalies.
Tel: 01904 434 169.

Professor Christine Cooper  University of Strathclyde. Accountancy
expert. Mobile: 07860 369 675.

Tommy Gorman  University of Stirling. Welfare rights and health and safety expert. Tel: 01389 737 050.

Jim McCourt  IAERC. Employment rights and health and safety expert.
Tel: 01475 888 039.

Dr Dave Whyte  University of Liverpool. Corporate crime and regulation expert. Mobile: 07952 268 598.

Dr Stirling Howieson  University of Strathclyde. Architectural expert.

Professor Phil Taylor  University of Strathclyde. Employment resources expert.

Professor Andrew Watterson  University of Stirling. Occupational health and safety expert.