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Hazards 88
October - December 2004

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Hazards, issue 88, October - December 2004


6-7 Making safety dangerous again Safety controls are being undermined at work, and it's the official safety watchdog that is responsible. As the UK drops down the world's safety rankings, Hazards looks at the dangerous thinking behind its policy shift. more

8-9 Don't mess with the unions James Hardie Industries was highly respected and highly profitable. Then it tried to short-change asbestos victims. Hazards reports on global union campaign that has left the company's reputation in tatters. more

10-17 News in brief Six figure fines on rail death firms. Directors banned for "horrific" crimes. Boss jailed over apprentice death. Railtrack death charges dropped. Rail's runaway safety crisis. Insurers wary of silica. Unions back workplace asthma charter. "Safe" work solvents affect IQ of fetus. Businessmen behaving badly. Car workers hit by lung disease outbreak. Pregnant workers at risk. Speak up or pay up. What price on your life? Work is breaking our bodies and minds. Alzheimer's linked to mind-numbing jobs. Night shifts are bad for pregnancies. Loco authorities. Stopping heart-stopping work.

Centrepages Work hoarse This winter there will be no seasonal cheer for some workers - their voices won't be up to it. Especially cold conditions, low humidity and colds and flu could usher in a silent blight, with occupational voice loss affecting record numbers of workers. more

20-21 Union protection A new TUC report confirms union safety reps are our best defence against work-related accidents and ill-health. TUC's Hugh Robertson spells out why union organised workplaces are safer workplaces. more

22-23 Union mettle Toxics-laden "ghost ships" are being dismantled at ports in Asia and Turkey. Anita Gardner of the International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF) describes the union campaign to protect shipbreaking workers. more

24-29 What the unions say Asbestos interests block global safety move. Royal Mail policy to keep sick at their post. Workers more stressed than ever. Hazards Questionnaire. No time for a cop out. Bus drivers give hours warning. Disability access law takes effect. Government "muddled and naïve" on working time. TUC calls for action as work deaths rise. Bhopal fight continues 20 years on. New global press safety campaign. Unions face worldwide drugs test.

30-33 Resources Publications, online resources, events and news from HSE.