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Hazards 148, October-December 2019


BITING THE DUST The Health and Safety Executive maintains its silica dust standard is just fine. Hazards editor Rory O’Neill spoke to former stonemason David Wood, who at 64 can’t work and struggles for breath. He, like hundreds of others who develop deadly silica-related diseases each year, are the undeniable proof HSE has got it dangerously wrong. more

SUICIDE NOTE The Health and Safety Executive insists work-related suicide is too difficult to recognise, record or prevent. Really? Hazards reveals how an international panel of experts warned HSE it is failing “lamentably" on work suicide prevention and is leaving UK workers at risk of death by despair. more

BLOWN AWAY Stress and harassment. The top workplace health and safety problem. The least likely to result in enforcement action. This can't go on. more


DISCOUNT CHAINS Workers on the farms and plantations that supply tea or fruit to global supermarkets including Lidl, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons are facing poverty and harsh working conditions, according to new research from Oxfam. more


HEARTBROKEN Stress is the top workplace health problem and the least likely to result in enforcement action. For sanity’s sake, this can’t go on. Hazards pin-up-at-work poster.


Mental health 8-9. Work and health 10-11. Working hours 12-13. News in brief 14-17. Hazardous substances 22-23. Workplace justice 24-25. Violence 26-27. Deadly business 28-31. International news 32-35..

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Send an e-postcard to HSE demanding it introduce a more protective silica standard no higher than 0.05mg/m³ and with a phased move to 0.025mg/m³.