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Hazards issue 112, April-June 2010
European Work Hazards Network (EHWN)
The European Work Hazards Network brings together unions, safety campaigners and academics to exchange information and campaign strategies on workplace health and safety. It knows hazards know no borders – and it is now seeking working links with like-minded campaigners worldwide.

To Europe and beyond
Hazards issue 112, October-December 2010




When hundreds of European Work Hazards Network delegates assembled in Leeds in September 2010, it wasn’t just to consider hazards on their own doorstep.

In addition to delegates from across the European Union, participants to this 12th EWHN conference had travelled from China, Hong Kong, Korea, India, South Africa, Mexico and USA.

And the theme summed up the common concern: “Working life beyond the global economic crisis.”

Conference delegates agreed unanimously a statement “pledging to work individually and collectively” to:

• Resist attempts to weaken laws and agreements which protect workers, and take and support action to strengthen laws and agreements

• Resist moves to reduce enforcement action through cuts or political pressure, and take and support action to strengthen enforcement

• Take and support action to increase protection for vulnerable workers

• Promote and organise for more and better regulation of markets and increased accountability of companies and individual directors

• Take and support action to develop ‘good work’: work that is safe, meaningful, socially just and sustainable; work that enables workers to develop skills and knowledge and have a reasonable life/work balance; work where people are treated with dignity and respect

• Develop solidarity with working people throughout the world to resist the transfer of risk from one country to another, with a major goal being a global ban on asbestos; work to develop an active global network of health and safety activists

• Take and support action aimed at reducing inequalities within and between nations - equal rights for all – men and women, all races and people of all beliefs.






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Hazards issue 112
To Europe and beyond


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