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Hazards issue 111, April-June 2010
 International Workers' Memorial Day • 28 April
It is the world’s largest health and safety event, involving thousands of
trade unions representing millions of members across 100 countries. Workers’ Memorial Day, 28 April each year, sees workers’ worldwide voice
a simple message: deaths, injuries and diseases caused by work are not an acceptable cost of doing business. More than that, unions and campaigners put dangerous bosses on notice they will fight for their lives and fight for their rights.

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Hazards issue 111, July-September 2010



SAFETY IN NUMBERS  Unions mobilised across Australia on 28 April, calling for stronger safety laws and union rights. In Melbourne alone, 10,000 union safety activists marched through the city.


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OLYMPIC PROTEST Family and friends of Harry Sheridan at the UK Olympics WMD event.

WORKERS REMEMBERED Union members in Lake Placid, USA, attended one of the hundreds of commemorations nationwide.

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GOOD FIGHT   Unions joined with bereaved relatives and campaigners in the UK, US, Hong Kong and countries from Argentina to Zimbawbe to remember the dead and press for good, safe jobs.




UNION ACTION  Whether it was bus, train or work stoppages – which occurred in several countries to mark 28 April – or TV debates in El Salvador, training sessions on silica in India, or commemorations in Scotland and Palestine, unions made sure their arguments did not go unnoticed.


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Hazards issue 111
Workers' Memorial Day 28 April


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