RMT demands publication of secret ‘RMT File’

Rail union RMT has demanded full disclosure of a secret ‘RMT File’ held by blacklisting organisation The Consulting Association. It says to date, the Information Commissioner has only released construction industry files compiled by The Consulting Association. These files, however, include explicit cross references to another ‘RMT File’ which remains unpublished. RMT believes this has been used by employers subscribing to The Consulting Association blacklisting services “to wreck our members working lives in the railway industry.”

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “The Information Commissioner’s Office knows that an ‘RMT File’ exists in The Consulting Association records, as it is cross referenced in information from the construction industry files that we have in our possession. It is a scandal that nearly three years after this original information came to light that we have still not received copies of the ‘RMT File.’ Clearly, we have reason to believe that this blacklisting file would have identified RMT activists who will have suffered financial loss from this conspiracy to target known trade union activists purely on the basis of their trade union activity.”

He added the “RMT demands full disclosure and will have no hesitation in pursuing legal action against those involved in this scandal.”

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