Unite welcomes dismissal of ‘fictional’ terror case


The union Unite has welcomed the High Court’s decision to reject an injunction request by power giant Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE), aiming to stop a peaceful protest against blacklisting.

The union provided legal support for electrician Steve Acheson, who has been protesting outside SSE’s Fiddlers Ferry power station against his dismissal by site contractors and against blacklisting for over nine months.

The judge said that the application, which aimed to use provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism Act to justify the injunction, was “fanciful” and “almost paranoid” and noted that the Unite member’s occupation meant that he was alive to the dangers posed by power stations.

Unite assistant general secretary, Les Bayliss, said: “Scottish and Southern tried to cook up a fictional story to try to prevent a Unite member from holding a peaceful protest against blacklisting in construction outside Fiddlers Ferry power station.

“This was a blatant attack on the rights we hold dear in a democratic society and we are pleased that the judge saw right through Scottish and Southern’s bogus arguments.”

The judge dismissed the application and ordered SSE to pay Mr Acheson’s costs.

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