28 APRIL 2004


Israeli forces block Palestinian union safety activity

The international trade union movement has protested against the harassment of officials from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) who were attempting to commemorate those killed through work.

Senior PGFTU officials, including general secretary Shaher Sae'd, were stopped by Israeli soldiers on their way to a 28 April Workers’ Memorial Day ceremony in Hebron. Global union federation ICFTU says the Palestinian union leaders were due to address a ceremony commemorating 14 women workers killed at a gas factory in Hebron in 1999, forming part of commemoration activities on 28 April across the world.

Faced with missing the event, the trade union officials attempted to climb a mountain to enter the city, but were then accosted and threatened by Israeli soldiers.

In a letter to Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, the ICFTU called on the Israeli government to ensure the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) refrain from preventing Palestinian trade union officials from carrying out legitimate trade union activities. The letter condemned the Israeli defence forces' petty and unnecessary harassment.

ICFTU news release and letter to Ariel Sharon. Related information: March 2004 report of TUC delegation to Israel and Palestine, November 2003.


28 April and May Day in Palestine

On the honor of the first of May (the International Labor Day), and the 9th International Commemoration Day for Dead & Injured Workers on the 28th of April the Palestine General Federation of Trade Union” PGFTU will host a ceremony in commemoration of the serious tragic accident in which 14 women workers that were killed in Hebron in a gas factory on the 21st of October 1999. See Arabic News

In this year the General Secretary, the Executive Committee of the PGFTU and all the trade union movement leaders would like to organize the following activities on the 28th of April to commemorate the above mentioned accident, and the remembrance of all the martyrs-workers who were killed on the checkpoints by the Israeli soldiers:

• Hold a meeting on the 28th of April 2004 at 11.00 o’clock at the PGFTU’s branch in Hebron with trade union movement leaders, workers and social organizations in order to commemorate the martyrs of the Gas Factory explosion in Hebron, which took place on the 21st of October 1999.
• Honor the working women martyrs’ families.
• Visit the graves of those working women martyrs

Shaher Sae'd, General Secretary
Palestine General Federation Of Trade Unions
P.O.Box 1216, Nablus, Palestine.
Tel: 00972 9 2385136
00972 9 2383833
Mobile: 00972 59 666655
Fax: 00972 9 2384374


Workers’ Memorial Day in Hong Kong SAR

Over three hundred workers, some in wheelchairs, dressed in black T-shirts joined the rally organized by the Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims (ARIAV) and the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) on Sunday, April 25, 2004 to mark the 9th International Commemoration Day for the Dead and Injured Workers. The front and back of the T-shirts were printed in English and Chinese the logo - “Tribute to the Dead – Fight with the Living”. They gathered at the Charter Garden at 15.00, holding banners and placards, marched to the Central Government Offices (CGO) shouting slogans "Tribute to the Dead" and "Fight for the Injured Workers' Rights".

At the CGO the organizers read out their 5 demands:

1. Make “Workers’ Memorial Day” a commemoration Day in Hong Kong and to erect a “Workers’ Memorial Monument” in the heart of the city.
2. Improve the “Worker’s Compensation Scheme” and to set up a “Central Compensation Fund”.
3. Against all forms of cut to the “Worker’s Compensation Scheme”.
4. When injured workers applied for “Legal Aid” they should be exempted from “Economic Investigation”.
5. Strengthen inspections and prosecutions to employers who disregard health and safety standards. Improve the laws, regulations and enforcement of safety standards.

A representative of the government received the petition.

Lee Cheuk-yan, General Secretary of HKCTU who addressed the rally. The big banner at the back depicts “4.28 Workers’ Memorial Day – Respect – Protection – Safety”.


International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers (28 April)

NTUC Statement

The International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers was launched by the ICFTU in 1996 and jointly supported by the Global Unions. It is aimed at renewing efforts to ensure safer workplaces and improved health and safety legislation. The ILO World Day for Safety and Health at Work, designated on the same day, is bringing tripartite strength to the international commemoration day.

The International Labour Organization, ILO estimates that each year 2.2 million men and women die from work-related diseases and accidents. Over 430 million injuries and work-related disease are reported each year. A strong safety and health culture in all enterprises is an important step towards both preventing occupational deaths and diseases.

In Singapore, the occupational safety and health of workers is a priority concern of the labour movement. SNTUC adopted a strong tripartite approach. Knowing and understanding that each industry is faced with different OSH issues, SNTUC collaborated closely with tripartite partners and relevant industry groups. Mechanisms for ongoing consultation between employers, unions and government agencies have ensured SNTUC inputs to legislation, national policies, industry and workplace programmes.

Work accidents must not be seen as fated. They don't just happen. We firmly believe that many accidents and everyday hazardous practices at work are preventable. Over the years, we have, in collaboration with the employers and respective government agencies, addressed specific problems and made improvements through NTUC representation on advisory committees on OSH (e.g. in construction and metalworking) and targetted industry and occupational efforts.

Government and employers' continued active support are essential for union initiatives to be effective, such as new safety regulations for the Construction and Metalworking industries, the hearing conservation programme with unions in the engineering sector, and the NTUC's office health programme for financial services sector. We have made progress as seen by the general decline of the number of overall industrial accidents over the past decade.

An Occupational Health and Safety Seminar, targeted at the construction, shipbuilding and marine engineering industries, is being held as part of our activities to raise awareness of this important day. Jointly organized by the NTUC, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Singapore National Employers' Federation (SNEF), this seminar will be attended by some 100 union leaders and management representatives. Together, the tripartite social partners observe this Workers Memorial Day, to remember those who have suffered and died from work-related diseases and accidents. More importantly, on this day, we reaffirm our commitment to make OHS issues our priority and to create a safe work environment for all workers in Singapore.

KPAWU Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union is to light a "CANDLE OF HOPE" for dead, injured and HIV/AID's suffering workers.

Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union will celebrate this year's 28th April International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers' by lighting a symbolic candle of hope in all offices.

Health and Safety workplaces have been our main priority in our fight for workers as well as the HIV/AIDs pandemic. Our primary goal on this onslaught is to enlighten the workers on their basic rights at workplace and also impress upon the employers to comply to these needs.

To this extent we will endeavour to achieve the same as under:-

1. Organizing to visit employers so as to access the living conditions of workers both at workplace and living quarters.
2. Educate workers by addressing them during (1) above.
3. Discussing with employers during these visits the need to be accountable for their workers plights.
4. Arranging for various workshops to facilitate the training of workers leaders.

Francis Atwoli, General Secretary.

BCCEAWU Malawi unions join 28 April commemoration events.

Malawi Building Construction Civil Engineering and Allied Workers Union will have an activity in Blantyre in remembrance of those who died, or were injured at work because of bad working conditions.

The event will take place on 28th April 2004 with representation from the National Centre Malawi Congress of Trade Unions, government, employers, affiliated unions and the press.

It will start with a demonstration from Old Town Hall in Blantyre through highway to Chichiri Stadium Upper ground where people will make speeches.

John Mwafulirwa General Secretary - BCCEAWU

28 April activities

Launch of booklet," Prevention of Industrial Safety and Health Hazards" (in Singhala; it will be available in Tamil later) put together by a team including employers representatives, trade unions and the Industrial Safety and Health Department, and printed with ILO assistance. 1,000 copies will be distributed via trade unions and employers organizations.

The launch will be accompanied by a short seminar focusing on the importance of Occupational Safety and Health and Decent Work. The new Labour Minister has been invited as guest of honor (attendance to be confirmed). A press release about workplace safety and health in Sri Lanka will also be available.

Contact: Sandra Senaratne, Tel: (94 11) 2580691, ext. 292, 294,

ILO Meetings, training programmes and resources distribution are planned to mark the 28 April day.

28 April: Beginning of a training programme for enterprises/exporters in brassware industry in Moradabad to coincide with the World Day. It will include modules on Safety and working conditions.

Half-day meeting to launch the Hindi version of the Ship Breaking Guidelines, planned in collaboration with Directorate General of Factories Advice Services and Labour Institutes (DGFASLI) at Alang, Gujarat (which has the largest ship breaking industry in India).

Thematic messages in various publications and newsletters of professional bodies.

Distribution of posters and stickers promoting Safety Culture at Work to professional bodies, Government agencies, employers' and trade union organizations.

ILO New Delhi Office Contact: Neelam Agnihotri, Tel. (91 11) 2460 2101,

Zimbabwe Social Partners Join 28 April Efforts With ILO

Zimbabwe will be celebrating the Safety and Health Day on 28 April 2004.

ILO/SRO Harare will collaborate in the celebrations through a number of inputs as elaborated below in the programme of the events.

1. A march will take place from the Graniteside Industrial Park into the city to the location of a construction site where 15 employees lost thier lives on 2 December of 1999. There will be a few minutes vigil of silence before the march proceeds through the city to the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare.
2. A number of companies will have mobile floats that will carry banners with messages on committment to Occupational Safety and Health.
3. ILO will have a banner with our message that advocates for 'SAFETY Culture at Work' which will lead the March.
4. At the offices of the Ministry the ILO/SRO Harare Director Mr Flechsenhar will read a speech of solidarity highlighting the significance of this day. Other Speeches will be from the tripartite Social partners.
5. The event is expected to attract nationwide press and media civerage.

Over and above the information that has been provided on internet we would welcome any other contributions you may wish to make for this event to be very successful.


28th April 2004



The Asian Workers' Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Institute (OHSEI) and the ILO invite you to join us at an event to mark International Workers Memorial Day at 10 am on 28 April 2004 at OHSEI.

We will discuss the issue of Occupational diseases, raised at our annual Theme Conference (in December 2003) and highlight dangers that workers face in their workplaces. This approach is in keeping with the theme of this year's Memorial Day: concerning the role of social partners in making the working environment safer and healthier for workers in the region.

The main aim of the meeting is to raise awareness at the workplace on health and safety issues, to promote and improve health and safety conditions and to work towards the prevention of workplace accidents and occupational diseases.

There will be presentations by trade union leaders, OHS officers, and representatives of other organisations. We will observe one-minute silence to commemorate the workers who died as a result of workplace accidents last year in Asia. Materials introducing health and safety at work will be distributed.

GTUA A list of activities planned by the GTUA and it's affiliates to mark the International Day of Dead and Injured Workers.

28 April 2004

12.00 - The special GTUA board meeting on the occupational health and safety issues; the meeting will address the Government and send the official letter to the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Protection.
14.00 - Briefing for the mass-media - dedicated to the 28 April; presentation of the statistics on the workplace accidents.
16.00 - office for the dead workers - in the Church Besides, the special article will be published in a leading newspaper to commemorate the dead workers and remind the society of the workers jeopardising their lives at the workplaces.

The union members at the factories of heavy industry (metallurgical and chemical plants, gas and oil pipeline construction sites, manganese mine) and in other organisations, where the lives of working people are under the risk, also all the GTUA and Sectoral union staff, will light candles and remember our brothers and sisters who died but who continue to live in the hearts of the living.

Histadrut Activities on the occasion of 28 April, 2004.

On behalf of M.K. Amir Peretz, Chairman of the Histadrut (General Federation of Labour in Israel), I am delighted to inform you that the Histadrut will commemorate the 9th International Commemoration Fay for Dead & Injured workers with several activities:

1. Lighting a candle at the entrance of the Histadrut's Headquarters.

2. Marking the 9th International Commemoration Day for Dead & Injured Workers on the Histadrut's website ( with information on dead and injured workers in Israel and throughout the world and a lit memorial candle.

3. Personal stories in the Israeli media of workers who were injured in their work place.

4. Holding a special session with the Histadrut' Executive members that will consist the following activities:

a. A formal one minute of silence in remembrance of those workers who have been killed over the past year
b. A review of the situation and statistics of workers who were have died & injured in their work place.
c. Glancing the various activities taken around the world to remark this memorial day.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. With my warmest regards,

Avital Shapira-Shabirow

Director of International Activity
International Department, Histadrut
Tel: 972 3 6921511
Fax: 972 3 6921512


TUCP - 9th International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers “Safe and Healthy Work for All”


28 April 2004, TUCP Training Center, Quezon City

For the past eight years, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) has been in solidarity with unions all over the world in commemorating the event.

In observance of the abovementioned event, the TUCP has enjoined all its members to participate in the following activities:

1. Poster-making contest in accordance with the theme “Safe and Healthy Work for All”. Prices are at stake for winning entries.

Members are to submit an 18” x 24” artwork to the TUCP Education Department (c/o Bro. Ariel B. Castro) on or before 26 April 2004. Winning entries will be awarded on the commemoration activity on April 28.

2. A Candle light commemoration activity which will be held at the TUCP Training Center, Diliman, Quezon City on 28 April 2004 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 noon.

This activity aims to gather around 150 trade unionists from affiliated federations. It will also feature a TUCP presentation on the present state of occupational health and safety in the Philippines.

NZCTU Candle & memorial service with train and work stoppage in New Zealand for 28 April.

- A rally and memorial service will be held in Christchurch in the South Island, attended by NZCTU President Ross Wilson.

- A ceremony will be held in Wellington to light a memorial candle which will burn throughout the day at the NZCTU office. The Government Occupational Safety and Health service will participate.

- In Palmerston North a stop-work meeting of 1600 members of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union will host a speaker on 28 April and discuss matters of health and safety.

- Members of the Rail and Maritime Transport Union will stop trains to observe a minute's silence at midday. A memorial service will be held at the Hutt valley railway workshops.

Details will be updated on our website at

CNTS Syndicats du Sénégal se joignent aux activités du 28 Avril

La Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs du Sénégal (CNTS) participera à la 9e Journée Internationale De Commémoration Des Travailleurs Morts Et Blesses par l'allumage de bougie dans les locaux de la CNTS à Dakar et dans les locaux des 10 unions régionales de la CNTS.

En plus de cela, nous organiserons, dans le cadre du démarrage des activités de formation permanente initiée par l'Institut National pour l'éducation et la formation ouvrière, une conférence sur le thème : Cadre juridique et Institutionnel des accidents du travail et des maladies professionnelles.

Nous souhaitons d'avance plein succès à la journée mondiale.

Mody Guiro, Secrétaire Général de la CNTS

Translation: Trade Unions In Sénégal Join 28 April Efforts: CNTS: The ‘Confédération Nationale des Travailleurs du Sénégal’ will light a 28 April commemoration candle at its headquarters in Dakar and its 10 regional offices throughout the country. In addition a conference will be held with the following theme: «The Legislative and Insitutional Framework for workplace accidents and occupationl diseases ». This will take place within the context of kicking off an adult education programme begun by the National Worker Education and Training Institute. Contact Mody Guiro at

GEFONT 28 April becomes yearly mass mobilization event for human & trade union rights in Nepal.

The General Federation of Napalese Trade Unions (GEFONT) has organised 28 April commemoration activities for the last three years. This year our tripartite safety week programme will be held. The GEFONT and National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) will organize a joint programme of activity.

Joint rallies will be organized in Kathmandu. The IFBWW affiliates committee of Nepal will organize a talk programme and the ITGLWF affiliates (three of these are our national federations) will organize workplace-based events.

Group meetings of workers, employers and related labour offices will be conducted outside the capital city of Kathmandu.

During may 1-4 GEFONT will convene its 4th national Congress where a policy will be adopted to organise 4 major mass mobilization events in the country every year, March 8, April 28, May Ist, and December 18. Thus from then on 28 April will be a special day of mass mobilization every year for GEFONT.

At present we are in the fight for democracy and we are on the streets with political parties, professionals, teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, journalists, peasants, students, youths, women’s organizations and various types of worker’s organizations, including all trade unions.

Still we will organize programmes on 28 April as a part of our struggle for human and trade union rights

With best regards

Umesh Upadhyaya
Chief, Dept. of Foreign Affairs

ILO Mobilises 28 April Events in Peru

English translation

Oficina Internacional del trabajo (OIT)
Contacto: Miguel Schapira


Bajo la consigna “Por el Trabajo y la Vida”, gobiernos, sindicatos, empresarios, organizaciones internacionales y sociedad civil celebrarán mediante una semana de actividades de sensibilización el Día Internacional por la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo.

Con el propósito de llamar la atención sobre los estragos que causan los accidentes y enfermedades profesionales en el lugar de trabajo y en memoria de los trabajadores que mueren, resultan heridos y enferman como consecuencia de malas prácticas de producción, una serie de organismos gubernamentales, organizaciones sindicales y empresariales, grupos de la sociedad civil y organizaciones internacionales han mancomunado sus esfuerzos para conmemorar el Día Internacional por la Salud y la Seguridad en el Trabajo, que se celebra en todo el mundo el 28 de abril. .

La iniciativa, animada por el eslogan Por el Trabajo y la Vida, procura llamar la atención sobre lo que está en juego a nivel global y nacional en el tema de la salud y seguridad en el trabajo. Según cálculos de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo, la OIT, dos millones de personas mueren cada año por culpa de los accidentes de trabajo y las enfermedades profesionales; en todo el mundo se producen anualmente 270 millones de accidentes de trabajo y 160 millones de enfermedades profesionales con su lastre de desgracias humanas y costos sociales y económicos para toda la sociedad.

En América Latina cerca de 140,000 personas mueren anualmente como consecuencia de su trabajo en ocupaciones de alto riesgo tales como la agricultura , la explotación forestal, la construcción, la minería, la industria química y la pesca. La OIT ha estimado que el costo anual de los accidentes de trabajo y enfermedades relacionadas con el trabajo representó en el año 2001 el 4 por ciento del Producto Bruto Interno (PBI) mundial o lo que es igual, 1.251.353 millones de dólares. Una conferencia de expertos reunidos por el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo en el año 2000 indicó que la falta de conciencia y escasa observancia de la legislación sobre Seguridad y salud en el trabajo en América Latina exponía a un 80 por ciento de la mano de obra en la región a accidentes de trabajo y consecuencias para la salud con un costo aproximado de 76 mil millones de dólares anuales, una cifra que a título comparativo es similar al PBI de Colombia (81.300 millones de dólares) y mayor que el PBI de Perú (53.500 millones de dólares).

Bajo la premisa de que la mayor parte de las muertes y los accidentes de trabajo podrían evitarse si se utilizaran adecuadamente estrategias y prácticas de prevención ya elaboradas y si se impulsasen iniciativas tendientes a promover una cultura de seguridad y salud en los lugares de trabajo, los organizadores de la conmemoración del Día Internacional por la Seguridad y Salud en el trabajo se disponen a llevar a cabo entre el 21 y el 28 de abril una semana de sensibilización mediante actos conmemorativos, seminarios, jornadas de concientización, simposios y actividades de movilización comunitaria en centros de trabajo y módulos municipales.

Este esfuerzo de sensibilización ha conjugado las voluntades y la participación del Ministerio de Trabajo, la OIT, la OPS/OMS, la Mesa de Seguridad y Salud en el trababjo (MSST), el sector sindical, el sector empresarial y un colectivo de organizaciones de la sociedad civil.

La semana de conmemoración y el programa de actividades que la acompañan serán anunciados por el Ministro del Trabajo Javier Neves Mujica en una conferencia de prensa que tendrá lugar el día lunes 26 de abril a las 11:45 a.m en el Hotel Plaza del Bosque (Av Paz Soldán 190, San Isidro). y donde también participarán altos directivos de la OIT, la OPS y de organizaciones empresariales y sindicales.

El 28 de abril, Día Internacional por la Seguridad y la Salud en el Trabajo, se observará la fecha en una ceremonia especial que tendrá lugar a las 11:45 hs en el Auditorio del Ministerio del Trabajo. El acto solemne formará a su vez parte de una ceremonia de reconocimiento a aquellas organizaciones y empresas que han volcado sus esfuerzos en pro de una mayor seguridad y salud en el trabajo.

ILO: The International Labour Office (ILO) in Lima, Peru will host special 28 April events from 21 to 28 April under the theme designation, “For Work and Life”.

Commemoration events, seminars, awareness days, symposia and public mobilization activities in workplaces and in municipal districts will take place with the involvement of the Ministry of Labour, ILO, OPS/OMS, the national Health and Safety Board, trade unions, employers and Civil Society.

The process will commence with a special news conference on Monday 26 April with the Peruvian Minister of Labour, Javier Neves Mujica and with representatives from trade unions, employers and the ILO.

CSB Mettent l'Accent Sur VIH/SIDA Pour le 28 Avril.

Au Burkina Faso le 28 Avril sera une journée de souvenir, de solidarité et de sensibilisation pour toutes les victimes, tous les malades et pour ceux qui vivent encore sans avoir réellement conscience de la maladie du VIH/SIDA.

Cette journée sera célébrée collectivement avec toutes les centrales syndicales à la bourse du travail. Une lettre ouverte adressée au chef de l'Etat, pour rappeler l'insistance des travailleurs pour que les moyens d'accès au test et à la trithérapie soient à la portée de toutes couches sociales, sera livré à la presse et lu solennellement devant la bourse du travail. Des condoms et des dépliants de sensibilisation seront distribués gratuitement.

Pascal KERE
Secrétaire à la Formation.

Translation Burkina Faso Unions Make HIV/AIDs Their 28 April Focus. CSB: The ‘Confederation Syndicale Burcinale’ will publish an open letter to the Head of State about the urgent need for accessible HIV/AIDS testing and therapy for everyone. Trade union affiliates will gather at the employment office in Ouagadougou to show solidarity with the victims of HIV/AIDS and to raise awareness among those not yet affected. The open letter will be solemnly read aloud and circulated to the public media outlets. Free condoms and leaflets will be circulated as part of CSB’s awareness campaign.
Contact Pascal Kere at

Trade Unions In Finland join the 28 April family.

The 28 April will be a big issue in Finland, it appears. A tripartite Safety Centre will host a 28 April Conference with a main purpose of the Day to properly honour and remember the dead and injured at work. The Finnish Broadcasting Company will show various 28 April related programmes in the course of the day for schoolchildren and will also cover stories under News and Reviews. Programmes were produced some time ago, including with the ILO and Trade Union presentives.

The President of Finland, who was the Co-Chair of the Globalization Commission set up by the ILO has made a video message in Finnish and in English for broadcasting on 28 April.

CISL Italian Unions Create 28 April trend For integrating OHS with sustainable development.

On 28 April the “Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Lavoratori" (CISL) in Italy will kick off a five-month national campaign to reach over 10,000 workplaces in a programme destined to build support for integrating occupational health & safety with environment and sustainable development approaches.

At issue is the national legislation which governs the naming of over several thousand CISL occupational health and safety representatives across industrial sectors in Italy. The campaign will aim to raise awareness among trade union members and the workplace representatives and to build support for eventually extending their responsibilities to include environment and sustainable development parameters.

A poster will be put up in workplaces throughout the country calling for workers to "Check Your Risks" and to "Work for Sustainable Development". Although organised nationally the implementation of the campaign will be coordinated through twelve sector Federations.

The camapign coincides with the passage 15 years ago of the EU Directive Framework and the 10 aniversay of the Italian legislation on health and safety at work. a monthly newsletter titled "3SIC" will be produced for the duration of the campaign until the end of September when a conference is contemplated in the course a national health and safety fair that will take place in Modena, Italy. Contact Giuseppe D'Ercole at giuseppe.d'

GTUC The Ghana Trades Union Congress will be organising activities to mark the 28th April in the country.

In Ghana, the Trades Union Congress will be organising the following activities to mark the 28th April in the country:

1. There will be awareness and discussion on FM radio stations in all the regional capitals.
This will be organised by the TUC Regional Secretaries in the regions.

2. There will also be lightening of candles in office.

3. There will also be a workshop in Accra, to discuss the importance of highlighting dangers that workers face in our various workplaces and what all social partners can do to make the working environment more safer for workers in Ghana and the world over.


David Kwabala Dorkenoo

Head of International Department
Trade Union Congress (Ghana)
Post Office Box 701
Accra, Ghana.
Tel: 00 233 020 8184374 (cell)

UGT-P Uniâo Geral de Trabalhadores (UGT) 28 April activities.

[English Translation] UGT-P: For the «Uniâo Geral de Trabalhadores (UGT-)» 28 April activities will be initiated by an official Parliamentary Declaration before elected deputies during the 28 April session of Parliament at which time the government will table a report on the state of national prevention for health and safety over the last year. The UGT will widely distribute a manifesto though the media and pubic information outlets. It will also host a national seminar in Lisbon, composed of Round Tables to discuss the evolution of health and safety legislation, collective bargaining, occupational diseases, as well as the roles and nominations of occupational health and safety representatives. A commemoration candle will be lit and Representatives of affiliated and non-affiliated unions will participate in the seminar. Representatives of employers, inspections personnel, occupational medicine and the National Prevention Institute will participate in the Round Tables and the ILO will also be invited. In 21 regions of the county (including Madeira et Azores) the UGT flag will be flown at half-mast. Contact Luis Lopes at

CUT Peruvian Unions Join 28 April with first-ever activities throughout the country. [Full Spanish version]

The “Central Unitaria de Trabajadores” will organise a “Grand Solidarity Day” in Lima and in the four regions of Peru (región Lambayeque - zona del norte; región Puno - zona del sur; región Ucayali,- zona del oriente; región Junín - zona del centro).

At 12 noon 28 April “Formal Watch & Wake” will be organised in each location and a public “SAFE & HEALTHY WORK FOR ALL” proclamation will be made. In Lima this will take place in front of the national Justice and Courts building and in the region it will similarly take place at a central location.

Senior trade union representatives will be in attendance and representatives from Government and Civil Society have been invited as well as media. CUT has also produced, posters, banners and written materials for 28 April, which have been distributed to all affiliates, throughout the country.

Contact Julio Cesar Bazan Gigueroa at



28 DE ABRIL DEL 2004



Durante la ultima década en nuestro país se aplico la flexibilización laboral a consecuencia del desarrollo del modelo neoliberal, ocasionando de esta forma que las condiciones de trabajo cambiaron completamente y no se respetaban los derechos sociolaborales de los/as trabajadores/as, por lo que se instauro la ampliación de las horas de trabajo, congelamiento de salarios, despidos arbitrarios, trabajadores/as contratados vía services, etc. sin tener en consideración las condiciones mínimas de salud y seguridad en el trabajo, con las respectivas garantías de efectividad de sus espacios de trabajo saludables. Por lo que a la fecha ha conllevado a que exista un sinnúmero de trabajadores/as fallecidos y lesionados.

Frente a este gran contexto de consecuencias sociolaborales aun muy ocultos, la CUT-PERU ha creído por conveniente ponerse al frente para exigir el respeto y la aplicabilidad de los derechos de salud y seguridad en el trabajo y se esta programando desarrollar el día 28 de Abril del 2004 una Gran Jornada Nacional de Solidaridad bajo la modalidad de un “PLANTON Y ACTO VELATORIO” uno en Lima y 4 en las Regionales del país, teniendo como marco principal y vinculante con la 9ª Jornada de Conmemoración Internacional de los Trabajadores y trabajadoras Fallecidos y Lesionados organizada por la CISL y el TUAC, teniendo como visión a que se instaure un “Trabajo sano y seguro para todos/as” bajo la responsabilidad principal de los empleadores.


Difundir ante los/as trabajadores/as y la ciudadanía en general de la importancia que significa la salud y la seguridad en el trabajo.

Generar un espacio que nos permita ir progresivamente sensibilizando a los/as trabajadores/as de la importancia del acto conmemorativo de solidaridad para con los trabajadores/as fallecidos y lesionados y que en el futuro no se acrecienten estos hechos que atentan contra la vida.

Impulsar una campaña nacional de acción estratégica para la previsión de elementos en materia de salud y seguridad en el trabajo en el marco de la aplicación de los procesos de integración.


Elaboración de la documentación concerniente a la difusión de la Gran Jornada Nacional de Solidaridad, dirigida a las bases afiliadas y fraternales a la CUT-PERU, del 01 al 10 de Abril del 2004

Elaborar notas de prensa vinculadas a la difusión de la importancia del acto conmemorativo del 28 de Abril del 2004 que se desarrollara en Perú y a nivel Continental y Mundial, del 17 al 24 de Abril del 2004

Preparación de pancartas, banderolas, banderines, etc., alusivos a la 9ª Jornada Conmemorativa Internacional e impulsando la propuesta de un “Trabajo Sano y seguro para todos/as” del 20 al 27 – 04 - 2004

Difusión de los objetivos del la Jornada Nacional e internacional de la CUT-PERU, CISL, TUAC y la ORIT, en los medios de prensa de circulación nacional del 24 al 27 – 04 – 2004

Invitación a dirigentes sindicales, gremiales, autoridades civiles y políticas, etc. del 24 al 27 de Abril del 2004

Realización de la Jornada de Solidaridad del día 28 de Abril del 2004, lugar Paseo de la República frente al Palacio de Justicia en la Ciudad de Lima.


En el ámbito de Lima (Paseo de la República frente a Palacio de Justicia)

Plantón y Acto Velatorio realizado por las organizaciones sindicales y gremiales afiliadas y fraternales a la CUT-PERU. A partir de las 12 meridiano lectura de un pronunciamiento publico de la CUT-PERU referido a la conmemoración de la 9ª Jornada Internacional de los/as trabajadores/as fallecidos y lesionados y de la importancia que se instaure una política de “Trabajo sano y seguro para todos/as”

En el ámbito de las Regionales:

En cada una de las Plazas de Armas de cada regional se realizara el Plantón y Acto Velatorio, con la lectura respectiva del pronunciamiento público de la CUT-PERU.

Región Lambayeque, Zona del Norte
Región Puno, Zona del Sur
Región Ucayali, Zona del Oriente
Región Junín, Zona del Centro


La Secretaria Derechos Humanos de la CUT-PERU tendrá la entera responsabilidad de la realización de la Gran Jornada Nacional de Solidaridad, en coordinación con la Secretaria de Organización y la Presidencia.

CSTM Confederation Syndicale des Travailleurs du Mali take on 28 April as a yearly activity.

Nous avons finalement décidé en plus de la bougie qui sera allumée au siège , de faire une conférence de sensibilisation et de d'information sur la sécurité au travail en insistant sur les accidents de la circulation "theme de la journée mondiale de la santé" Merci encore une fois parce que grace à toi nous allons desormais feter ça chaque année...

Translation In addtion to lighting a 28 April commemoration candle at our headquarters, we will now organise a conference to focus on health and safety and to promote awareness about the International Day. Thank you once again. Because of you we have decided to celebrate 28 April every year from now on.

CMKOS The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions deepens stakeholder and trade union involvement in 28 April programme.

On the occasion of the 28 April International Commemoration Day the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (CMKOS) will again organise this year a health and safety seminar for inspectors of central affiliated unions and from the regions.

Representatives of the CMKOS, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Czech Health & Safety Office, Health & Safety Research Institute, Czech Mining Office and representatives of employers will all participate.

In the framework of this year's topic " Safe and Healthy Work for All" the seminar will deal with stress at work, its causes, prevention and practical consequences.

Besides this main event several affiliated unions will organise their own traditional commemoration activities - for instance the mineworkers, woodworkers, and others.

NACTU Activites- 28 APRIL 2004 - 9th International Commemoration Day For Dead & Injured Workers

NACTU - National Council of Trade Unions, Business Unity SA, ILO and Department of Labour,RSA, will jointly commemorate the International Day For Dead & Injured Workers, on 28 - 30 April 2004, in all 9 Provinces of the Republic of South Africa.

The focus of the Commemoration will be in the Building Construction Industry on 28 April 2004, on 29 April 2004 the focus will be in the Chemical Industry, and 30 April 2004 the focus will be in the Manufacturing Industry.

The three focus events on 28 - 30 April 2004 will be used as a build up towards a National Commemoration Day on 7 May 2004, at Injaka Bridge, Mpumalanga, RSA.The Deputy General Secretary of NACTU, Cde Mahlomola Skhosana will address delegates on 7 May 2004 at the National Commemoration.

NACTU affiliate, BCAWU and other unions in the same Industry are preparing for the same event under the banner of International Federation of Building Wood Workers (IFBWW).

NACTU has made a call to Employers to release shopstewards on a paid time off so that they can attend the Commemorations.

NACTU will light candles at its Head Office on 28 April 2004.

Chaka M.A. Leepo
National Coordinator
OHS & HIV/AIDS Programmes
Tel: 27 11 833 1040
Fax: 27 11 833 1032


It is the first time that the Confederation of Estonian Trade Unions (EAKL) will celebrate the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers.

EAKL will organise a meeting on the 28th April in a park in the centre of Tallinn together with the Estonian Labour Inspectorate.

The main aim of the meeting is to raise public awareness of workplace health and safety issues, which should promote and improve health and safety conditions and work towards the prevention of workplace accidents and occupational diseases.

There will be speeches by trade union leaders, labour inspectorate and from representatives of other organisations. We will have one-minute silence to commemorate the workers who died as a result of workplace accidents last year in Estonia. Materials introducing health and safety at work will be distributed.

Preliminary figures show that during 2003 there were 3761 accidents at work. The number of accidents per 100,000 workers in Estonia fluctuates between 490 and 680 past years. Almost two thirds of accidents involve men.

Over the past few years there have been 27 to 60 work-related deaths a year in Estonia (30 workers died in 2003). The majority of accidents occur in the wood and furniture industry, the metal industry, in the construction sector and in the wholesale and retail trade sector.

Tõnu Vare,
Labour Inspectorate, public relations advisor

Sander Vaikma
EAKL, Organisation and Youth Secretary

ARGENTINA [translation below]

Te informo las actividades programadas en Argentina para el 28 de Abril:

a) SEMANA ARGENTINA DE LA SALUD Y SEGURIDAD EN EL TRABAJO organizado por el Ministerio de Trabajo, la Superintendencia de Riesgos del Trabajo y como participantes organismos internacionales (OIT) y sindicatos, empleadores En esta semana se desarrollan Seminarios Internacionales, Talleres, Concursos y Conferencias

b) Primer Encuentro Sindical de Salud Ocupacional Latinoamericano y El Caribe ( Sector de la Construccion)

c) Fortalecer la difusion de la situación de los trabajadores respecto de los accidentes, enfermedades profesionales contaminaciòn.

d) Encendido de velas en todas los locales sindicales en memoria de los compañeros y compañeras muertos

e) Colocacion de afiches para fomentar la Cultura de la Prevenciòn

f) Participaciòn activa en los eventos organizados por la fecha conmemorativa.

g) Guardar minuto de silencio en todos los actos

Adjunto el Programa de la Semana Argentina de la Salud y seguridad en el TRabajo

Aprovecho la oportunidad para saludarte fraternalmente y gracias por la informacion que me envias en forma permanente

Marta Pujadas

English Summary

A health and safety week has been organized in Argentia by the Ministry of Labour and Inspections Authrority for workplace risks. Participants will include the ILO, trade unions and employers. International seminars, courses and conference will take place in the course of this week. The first trade occupational safety meeting in the construction sector will take place for the Latin American and Caribbean Regions as means of strengthening the role of workers with respect to accidents and illnesses due to workplace contamination. The lighting of candles will take places in trade union offices to commemorate workers who have died. Posters will be produced and put up to initiate culture of prevention. The active participation of workers will be encouraged in the all events for the commemoration day. A moment of silence will be organized in all events.

Contact Marta Pujadas at

April 28 - International Workers Memorial Day - 2004

Dear Colleagues

On the occasion of the IUF's World Executive Committee we would like to invite you to join us at an event to mark International Workers Memorial Day, April 28, 2004. We are planning a rally in the Place des Nations (weather permitting) at 13.15-13.45. If the weather is bad, it will be in the CICG (Centre international des conférences de Genève), 15 Rue de Varembé, 1202 Geneva.

The rally will be addressed by the IUF president, Paul Andela and by a representative of the Swiss unions. The IFBWW and the IMF will also participate. The three Federations will present sector specific examples of abusive health and safety conditions and of trade union work to end these abuses. The rally will send a clear message that accidents and ill health at work are preventable and that employers who fail to respect the health and safety of their workers have to be held to account - the themes of this year's memorial day. There will be a formal two minutes of silence in remembrance of those workers who have been killed over the past year. The press will be invited .

Yours in solidarity

Ron Oswald
General Secretary

OHSE Foundation

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Foundation is to organise following events in Bangladesh in the occasion of Workers' Memorial Day, 28 April with the collaboration of Institute of Science and Labour (JAPAN) and Tokyo OHS Centre.

1.Workshop "Role of Participatory Training on reduction of workplace hazards and accidents"
Date: 28 April 2004, Hotel Sundarban, Dhaka
Participants: POSITIVE OHSE Trainers, OHS professionals and activists,academics, OHS victims.

2. Memorial Day Gathering with Candle (Evening: Venue: National Press Club premises

3. OHSE Rally (10.00 am, Dhaka)

4. Publication of a special Campaign poster on OHS in Workers Memorial Day 2004

Bangladesh Occupational Health and Safety Foundation is a registered OHSE NGO established in 2002 with the intiative of trade unions, POSITIVE OHSE Trainers, OHS accident victims and professionals work on OHS issues (i.e. medical doctors, lawyers, engineeres and acdemics).

Contact: Md. Monir Uddin Programme Coordinator, OHSE Foundation


Message from Bill Chedore

28 April Alert

Canada: CLC on Day of Mourning for Workers Killed or Injured on the Job

On Wednesday, April 28th, 2004, workers across the country will mourn the loss of life and injury to their brothers and sisters due to occupational accidents and illness. Our theme this year is "20 Years Later - The Struggle Continues".

It was 1984 when the Canadian Labour Congress first began marking April 28th as a Day of Mourning to honour Canadian workers killed or injured on the job.

Workplace injuries and deaths continue to plague the Canadian workforce in communities all across Canada. Again in 2002, (the most current figures available), we saw an increase in the number of workers killed on the job in this country. In 2002, 934 workers lost their lives and approximately one million workplace injuries occurred. Those figures still do not include the many workers who died or continue to suffer from industrial diseases and cancers not yet recognized as having their roots in the workplace.

We are asking all Canadians to observe the National Day of Mourning by: pausing to remember workers killed or injured on the job on the Day; ensuring that flags at your workplace are flown at half-mast on the Day; attending Memorial Services organized in the communities

Message from Bill Chedore CLC-CTC

I am sending you a copy of our new DOM poster [pdf in French and English] which we designed for this year In Canada, 2004 represents the 20th year since the Canadian Labour Congress began our National Day of Mourning for workers killed and injured on the job.

It is with great sorrow that after 20 years of fighting for improved legislation at both the federal and provincial/territorial levels, the rate of deaths and injuries in the workplace are showing no signs of decreasing.

In fact 2002, which is the last year for which we have national statistics, the number of workplace deaths rose from 920 in 2001 to 934 in 2002. This shows that having some of the best legislation in the world, does not guarantee the carnage will stop.

One of our greatest problems in Canada is the lack of compliance and indeed the lack of enforcement by the regulators. As all governments seem to be on a single minded agenda to cut spending and reduce deficits, the real deficit comes in the form of the lack of protection for workers lives.

Our theme for the DOM in during our National Ceremonies this year will be *"20 Years Later - the Struggle Continues".

Bill Chedore, National Co-ordinator, CLC-CTC


Sponsored by SoCalCOSH "Good Jobs. Safe Jobs. Protect Workers Now."

When: April 28 th, 2004 1:00-2:00 pm - Workers' Comp Clinic 2:00-3:00 pm - Speak Out

Where: UCLA Downtown Labor Center, 675 S Park View St 1st fl

Why: Since April 28, 1989 the unions of the AFL-CIO observe Workers Memorial Day as a day to remember those who have suffered and died at the job. Join hundreds of people across the world as we rededicate ourselves to fight for safe workplaces! "Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living"

For more information on the event and to learn how you can participate or sponsor it please contact Jessica E. Martinez, SoCalCOSH Coordinator, at (310) 206-0860 or via e-mail


Top African union leader to light 'candle of hope' as 28 April focuses on HIV/AIDS

Nairobi, Kenya – Monday 29 March, 2004 General Secretary of the ICFTU African Regional Organisation (AFRO) Mr. Andrew Kailembo today called upon trade union leaders throughout the continent to make next 28 April a symbolic day to remember those who have died and highlight the plight of those suffering because of HIV/AIDS.

Kailembo spoke about the upcoming 28 April ‘International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers’. He urged trade union leaders to light a “symbolic candle of hope” in their offices on that day to signal their launch of a UNAIDS pledge campaign among trade unionists and workers in general.

“HIV/AIDS is a clear health and safety workplace issue” says Kailembo “and this calls for workplace solutions through joint employer/trade union actions, everywhere”. He says that 28 April activities should shed light on agreements that trade unions have made with employers, both internationally and in Africa to tackle HIV/AIDS in the world’s workplaces.

Kailembo urged trade union leaders from other continents to also commence a process on 28 April to encourage their members to circulate a new UNAIDS form which urges individuals to personally make a pledge to help stop AIDS. “We have to urge people from all walks of life to take initial steps for change”. He said the pledge campaign will aim to mobilise trade union activities leading up to World AIDS day next December 1st.

At the ILO regional meeting held last December in Ethiopia trade unionists appealed to governments and employers to work with them in addressing HIV/AIDS. Kailembo emphasized the importance for governments to:

• promote and support the efforts of employers and workers to combat HIV/AIDS by providing an enabling legal and policy framework for workplace action, including measures to fight against stigma and discrimination;
• strengthen national AIDS plans through the inclusion of a strategy for the world of work and especially with the involvement of employers’ and workers’ representatives in national coordinating mechanisms;
• work towards a strengthening of public health systems, social protection institutions and education and training authorities, with a view to maintaining capacity in the face of the HIV epidemic and developing it over the longer term.
• facilitate access to financial resources of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) for social partners in the world of work, especially employers’ and workers’ organizations

He is also appealing to employers, workers and their organizations to:

• scale up their joint efforts to reduce the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS, and to implement comprehensive workplace programmes that include prevention, measures to combat stigma and discrimination, and the provision of care and support;
• work in partnership with governments and international donors to extend access to anti-retroviral treatment at the workplace and in the community, especially through opportunities afforded by the “3 x 5” initiative which was launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) in December 2003 and of which the ILO is a partner.

He said ICFTU-AFRO will light a candle of hope in its own offices for the whole of the African region.

The 9th International Commemoration Day will be celebrated this year by trade unions throughout the world and Kailembo says that the impact of HIV/AIDS on workers lends itself very well to the day’s 2004 themes of “Safe and Healthy Work for All” and “Employer Accountability”.


The 'Organisacion Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores' (ORIT) will host a 28 April candle commemoration ceremony for workers in all of the Americas and Caribbean countries, with a special emphasis on workers affected by HIV/AIDS.

In a letter addressed to trade unions of that region ORIT General Secretary Víctor Báez Mosqueira announced details for a regional 28 April Commemoration event to take place in San José, Costa Rica.

28 April is the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers.

He said the event would involve community and trade union representatives from El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Panama and Costa Rica and that representatives from the FES, ILO, OPS and UNAIDS would also be in attendance.

The commemoration event will take place on 28 April on the occasion of a special regional consultation (26-29 April) project to be held in Costa Rica to assess the discrimination against and the social exclusión of workers affected by HIV/AIDS.

The 28 April candle lighting ceremony will involve a structured agenda, with music and special readings to coincide with ORIT’s selected themes.

BAEZ has also called on his affiliates throughout the Americas and Caribbean region to organise similar events in their own country to commemorate in some way workers killed, injured or who have become ill because of the conditions of work. The ORIT circular highlights the two 28 April themes and invites its affiliates to develop their own themes and approaches to organising events on that day. For more information contact: DDHH or Prensa .


In a separate series of events earlier this week the Secretary General of the African Regional Office of the ICFTU/AFRO Andrew Kailembo has called upon trade union leaders throughout the African continent to make next 28 April a symbolic day to remember those who have died and highlight the plight of those suffering because of HIV/AIDS.

In Kenya AFRO will launch a WORLD AIDS CAMPAIGN LEADERSHIP PLEDGE and light a symbolic “CANDLE OF HOPE” to kick it off for the whole of the African region.

AFRO has urged trade union leaders to do the same in their own countries. Kailembo says AFRO events will connect to both 28 April themes of SAFE & HEALTHY WORK FOR ALL and EMPLOYER ACCOUNTABILITY.

For more information contact (see also under Kenya).


The Cook Islands Workers Asociation (CIWA) intends to light a candle in the office in commemortion of this day. We also intend to build awareness through the media on on that day about Occupational, Health and Safety, reducing accidents or deaths in work places and the accountability of the employer.

Mr Tuaine Maunga Gen/Sec Cook Islands Workers Association (CIWA)
Tel (682) 24422 Fax (682) 24423

Brief report from the CIWA The Cook Islands in its commemoration of the April 28th International Commemoration Day for the Dead and Injured Workers, held a wide media coverage, newspapers, television and a Talkback Show on the National Radio Programme with the theme " Safe and Health Working Environment" attracted numerous callers from workers and the community in their utmost support for this global commemoration event. Indeed an important event to commemorate those that have served in the employment industry, gone and forgotten. Training programmes on OSH were also highlighted to be implemented at various venues upon requests. Our best wishes to everyone in the commemoration of this major global event on workers.


The Democratic Confederation of Free Trade Unions in Hungary will celebrate the Commemoration Day for death and injured workers on 28th April.

The confederation is organising a conference on this topic in the headquarters of LIGA.

LIGA will light a candle to the memory of dead and injured workers at noon, followed by a press conference.

In addition,affiliates are invited to attend the conference and to organize commemorations in their workplaces with candle lighting.

In order to stress the importance of health and safety issues a booklet will be published on workplace accidents.

The name of contact person is: László KOZÁK.


The initiatives, which CITUB will be doing on 28 April as a commemoration day for the dead and injured workers, arethe following:

At national level:

- Press conference on the occasion of the International Day to commemorate workers who died or were injured in laboraccidents. Themain theme will be "Safe & Healthy Work: Care & Responsibility of All";

- broad announcing in the media through the national operators;

- laying a wreath in front of a stone monument built three years ago in front of CITUB headquarters in memory of the workers who died or were injured in labor accidents (we will invite all social partners to join us in a candle lighting commemoration in front of the building);

- mourning flags will fly in front of the headquarters of KNSB in Sofia;

- light a commemoration candle in our offices and workplaces;

- special divine service in a Sofia church will be organised in memory of the workers who were killed and for the safety of those who are still alive.

Regional level

- organizing demonstrations, rallies, press-conferences on the occasion the International Commemoration Day for workers who died or were injured in labor accidents;

- laying a wreath at stone monuments in regions;

- lighting a commemoration candle in our offices and workplaces

Thank you very much for receiving information. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need further information about our activities.

Svetla Karova
Chief expert OSH & environment



The Congress of South Africa Trade Unions has requested its provincial offices throughout the country to begin commemoration events on 28 April and to build on activities until 07 May when a special gathering to focus on CONSTRUCTION issues will take place at the Injaka Bridge in Mpumalanga Province.

Contact Jacqueline Mpolokeng

28 April in Bangladesh GTWL

The Garments Tailor Workers League (GTWL) intends to observe 28 April 2004, 9th International Commemoration Day, by submiting a special memorandum to the Government and by organising a postering campaign combined with a special meeting to discuss occupational health and safety.


28 April activities of the GWU of malta

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Now I am in a position to inform you about the activities that my Union the General Workers Union of Malta will be doing on 28 April as a commeration day for the dead and injured workers.

1. Flowers will be laid at the big workers monument we have on the place where 60 years ago the gwu was founded.

2. Flowers will be laid at the workers monument at the shipyards where in 1994 nine workers were instantly killed in an explosion on a libyan ship for repairs besides other victims of previous years.

3. Flowers will also be laid near the site where around five years ago 3 workers lost their lives due to poisonous gases extracted from a man-hole when they were doing sewage maintenance.

4. A seminar will be organised for EMPLOYERS only to raise more the awareness of the importance of health and safety measures on the place of work.

5. It is our intention to print a big poster with the theme and logo on it to carry it when we will be laying flowers. We intend to have these activities covered by the media as well. It is important to me to ask you whether you have any posters or other relevant material that we could copy or have an idea on.

Thanks and best regards,

Saviour Sammut, president GWU


Panama becomes 10th country to adopt 28 April

Paris - 19 February, 2004

PANAMA will soon become the 10th country or territory to embrace 28 April as a national observance day.

"I am pleased to inform you that 28 of April is going to be declared a national day on safety and health at work, in the framework of the launching of a safework programme in Panama", said ILO's special health and safety expert for Central America, Valentina Forastieri in a recent memo to ILO headquarters in Geneva.

Panama will be joining a growing list of countries or territories since 1996 to have already embraced 28 April: Argentina, Bermuda, Canada, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru, Portugal, Spain and Taiwan.

Forastieri said that a number of promotional activities will be carried out in Panama before and during 28 April, including a national conference on occupational safety and health. "The activities will be developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, national trade union federations and the OSH associations of professionals", she said.

28 April has been promoted by Global Unions as an "International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers" to honour the workers who die each year(over 2 million), are injured (over 1.2 million) or become ill (over 160 million) due to unsafe, unhealthy or unsustainable workplaces, world-wide.

Trade unions in five other countries have already formally requested that their government also embrace 28 April and unions in nine additional countries are expected to initiate such a process this year.

28 April is now observed by workers in over 100 countries.


28 April Activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will organize a TV programme, an electronic bulletin and a national consultation with OSH professionals and trade union federations on national priorities, in collaboration with the Ministry of labour, the national Safety Council, the CERSSO, as well as trade unions and associations of OSH professionals.

Dra. Valentina Forastieri,
Especialista Principal en Condiciones de Trabajo, Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional,
Programa Trabajo Seguro de la OIT,
Oficina Subregional para Centro America, Haití,
Panamá y República Dominicana
Apartado Postal 10170-1000
San José Costa Rica



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to inform you that as in previous years as in this year NSZZ "Solidarnosc" is preparing some events to commemorate the International Day of Dead and Injured Workers. These events like seminars, meetings, lecturers will be organised at the national, regional, branch and local level. I will inform the ICFTU about some events in details after 28th April.

With kind regards,

Iwona Pawlaczyk
OHS Senior Expert
NSZZ Solidarnosc, Poland




Dear Colleagues,

Re: 28 April 2004: 9th International Workers' Memorial Day

Since 1996 the 28 April is a key date for the trade union movement world-wide to commemorate dead and injured workers.

I am writing to encourage affiliates to start planning activities for 28 April 2004, the 9th International Workers' Memorial Day. The aim of the commemoration is to stress the preventable nature of workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, as well as to promote activities and union action to improve working conditions.

For 2004 "Safe and Healthy Work for All" is the primary theme and "Employer Accountability" is the second theme which we invite all affiliates to organise activities around. Activities can be large or small, depending on what is appropriate for your organisation Typically, ITGLWF affiliates have organised a wide range of activities for 28 April, from large rallies to educational events to simple information distribution activities. Others have carried out simple commemorative ceremonies.

We would like to receive information on the activities you will organise to have them circulated and therefore document those events, where they take place.

Too many workers of the textile, garment and leather industries are
still employed in unhealthy and unsafe workplaces, exposed to hazards such as dust, high levels of noise, chemicals, bad posture, long hours and intense pace, humidity and poor light. Over the course of the past decades, globalisation has worsened many of these problems as unregulated competition has driven down wages and working conditions, forcing workers, and mainly women, into increasingly precarious living and working conditions. The theme of employer accountability is therefore particularly relevant in our sectors in both industrialised and developing economies.

In any event you might organise, it would be useful to underline the need to enforce existing international legislation on health and safety, to improve collective agreements, to ask governments to strengthen inspections and controls in factories and to prosecute those employers who break the law, as well as to improve workers' information, advice,education and participation.

Currently the following countries or territories have adopted
legislation making 28 April a national observance day: Argentina, Bermuda, Canada, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru, Portugal, Spain and Taiwan. Progress on this issue will have considerable impact on the eventual formal recognition of the date at the international level by the United Nations, its related agencies and other bodies or organisations. A few countries already have other dates (e.g. Thailand, May 10) and trade unions in these countries might consider organising their events so as to link up to the international day effort.

I would be grateful if you could keep us informed of any activities yourorganisation might carry out in this regard. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or to provide supporting materials onoccupational health and safety.

With very best wishes,

Yours fraternally,


General Secretary, ITGLWF




Argentina will host a national week on occupational safety and health (from the 21st to the 28th of April). The 21st is Argentian's national OSH day and from the 26th to the 28 there will be a national congress, ending with a special commemoration on the 28th which will involve the ministry of labour and national trade unions. Representatives from international trade unions will also attend.

Dra. Valentina Forastieri,
Especialista Principal en Condiciones de Trabajo, Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional,
Programa Trabajo Seguro de la OIT,
Oficina Subregional para Centro America, Haití,
Panamá y República Dominicana
Apartado Postal 10170-1000
San José Costa Rica