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2009 NEWS

Britain: Workers’ Memorial Day consultation begins
The government has launched the promised consultation into officially recognising Workers’ Memorial Day. The 28 April global trade union event has now been running for over 25 years with the motto “remember the dead, and fight for the living”.
DWP news release • Workers Memorial Day public consultation [pdf] Global unions Workers’ Memorial Day webpagesRisks 417
Hazards news, 1 August 2009

Global: International response to Workers’ Memorial Day
The International Trade Union Confederation estimates that over 14 million people took part in some 10,000 activities across the world on 28 April, Workers’ Memorial Day. Over 2.2 million workers die each year from work accidents and disease, and some 160 million more are injured or become ill.
Workers Memorial Day reportsRisks 404
Hazards news, 2 May 2009

Global: ILO Workers' Memorial Day 2009: Health and life at work: A basic human right
To mark this year's World Day for Safety and Health at workILO SafeWork Programme has prepared various products and promotional material.
In addition, and in connection with the celebration of the ILO's 90th anniversary, a number of activities took place on 28 April at ILO headquarters in Geneva:
• a session including presentations and a reception
• the opening of a dedicated photo exhibition
further information and resources
Hazards news, May 2009

Global: 28 April: World’s Trade Unions Demand Action to End Workplace Carnage
More than 14 million people are expected to take part in some 10,000 activities across the world today, the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers. Over 2.2 million workers die each year from work accidents and disease, and some 160 million more are injured or become ill. ITUC
Hazards news, 28 April 2009

Britain: Government moves on Workers’ Memorial Day
Unions have welcomed an announcement by the government that it is looking at officially recognising Workers’ Memorial Day. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, James Purnell confirmed that a consultation will look at how the day could be officially recognised in the UK.
DWP AnnouncementTUC news releaseRisks 404
Hazards news, 2 May 2009

Work deaths harm whole families
When somebody dies at work, they are never the only victim. Work deaths harm whole families, whole communities. On Workers' Memorial Day, 28 April each year, workers demand employers pay for their safety crimes. And unions commit themselves to organise for safe and healthy work. A Hazards magazine special report, April 2009.

USA: Labor secretary to honor fallen workers on Workers Memorial Day Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, who has made worker safety and health a priority, will join workers, union leaders, elected officials and college staff to commemorate Workers Memorial Day by helping break ground for a new national workers memorial at the National Labor College (NLC) campus in Silver Spring, Maryland. AFL-CIO Now Blog Apr 21, 2009

Global: What are you doing on 28 April?
Workers’ Memorial Day – the 28 April event where unions and campaigners each year commemorate those killed at work and pledge to press for health and safety improvements – is drawing close. TUC’s updated webpages note: “It is our day, workers and our families and our trade unions, to focus on health and safety at work, both in our workplaces, and at events locally, nationally and worldwide.”
Hazards 28 April international listings and resources •
TUC briefing and Workers’ Memorial Day webpagesRisks 400
Hazards news, 4 April 2009

2008 NEWS

Global: BWI calls on global policymakers to ban deadly chrysotile asbestos, BWI news release, 28 April 2008, more

Ireland: Government should honour dead and injured workers, SIPTU news release, 28 April 2008 more

Malaysia: MTUC wants the use of asbestos banned by 2010, Yahoo news Malaysia, 28 April 2008 more

UK: Safety should be a higher priority for bosses, IOSH news release, 28 April 2008 more

ITUC Regular updates of national WMD activities [pdf]

ITUC: Trade unions demand good occupational health for all workers, ITUC news release 28 April 2008 more


  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2008: Worldwide events to mobilise workers, employers and governments on managing risks at work more
  • Journée mondiale pour la santé et la sécurité au travail 2008: Dans le monde entier, des événements vont mobiliser travailleurs, employeurs et gouvernements sur la gestion des risques au travail plus
  • Día Mundial de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo 2008: Eventos y actividades a nivel mundial para movilizar a trabajadores, empleadores y gobiernos en torno a la gestión del riesgo en el medio laboral mas

Global: Start preparing for 28 April! It’s time to start gearing up for the biggest event on the union safety calendar, Workers’ Memorial Day, on 28 April. The theme this year is “good occupational health for all workers”.
TUC Workers’ Memorial Day webpages. Workers’ Memorial Day resources: You can get your posters (free), forget-me-knot ribbons (£25/100) and bumper stickers (£1 each) from the Hazards Campaign, c/o GMHC, Windrush Millennium Centre, 70 Alexandra Road, Manchester M16 7WD. Tel: 0161 636 7557. Risks 340
Hazards news, 26 January 2008

2007 NEWS

Country by country listing
Regularly updated country by country details of national Workers' Memorial Day activities. more

Unions say ‘Don’t work with killer chemicals’ 27 April 2007 IMF/BWI news release

In memory of those who have died at work: the ETUC calls for tighter inspections and the replacement of carcinogenic substances 28 April 2007 more

Commémoration des morts au travail : la CES revendique le renforcement des inspections et la substitution des cancérogènes 28 Avril 2007 plus

La ICM Dice ¡ORGANICEN! Sindicatos fuertes, Salven vidas - 28 de abril, ICM. más

L'IBB dit de s'organiser! Syndicats puissants, vies préservées, IBB. plus

Global: Hidden cancer epidemic kills hundreds of thousands each year A worldwide epidemic of occupational cancer is claiming at least one life every 52 seconds, but this tragedy is being ignored by both official regulators and employers. A new cancer prevention guide, reveals that over 600,000 deaths a year – one death every 52 seconds – are caused by occupational cancer, making up almost one-third of all work-related deaths.

IMF News release
Preventing occupational cancerPrévenir les cancers professionnelsPrevención del cáncer profesionalRussian Cancer Profesional/Cancer cero

BWI News release
Hidden cancer epidemic kills hundreds of thousands each year • Epidémie de can cer cachée tue des centaines de milliers chaque année

Also see Hazards Cancer Prevention Kit • A union guide to cancer prevention (pdf)

Britain: Make 28 April an official memorial day
A petition is asking the UK government to give official recognition to 28 April, Workers’ Memorial Day. The initiative is the brainchild of Dorothy Wright, a founder member of Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK).
Risks 298, 17 March 2007Sign the Workers’ Memorial Day petitionUNI news release • Hazards Workers’ Memorial Day resourcesFACK website

BWI The BWI says organise! Strong unions save lives. International Workers Memorial Day April 28th 2007. BWI news release, 6 March 2007.

28 April Focus Announced for 2007 [22 January 2007]
Cancer, OHS Enforcement & Global Unions, Asbestos & HIV/AIDS Campaigns

El 28 de abril anuncia su enfoque para el 2007 [22 Enero 2007]
Cáncer, Cumplimiento de la SST Y Campañas sobre Amianto y VIH/SIDA Español

Journée du 28 avril Priorités pour 2007 [22 Janvier 2007]
Lutte contre le cancer, application des mesures de santé et de sécurité au travail et campagnes Hiv/Sida et amiante des FSI (Global Unions) Français