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Hazards at work - sci fi or soap opera?


When it comes to getting your message across, working it into popular TV dramas has to be a campaigner’s holy grail. And the trade union magazine Hazards has done just that – twice since the start of June. On 5 June 2009, top ITV soap opera Coronation Street featured this year’s Workers’ Memorial Day poster from the magazine throughout a key storyline, with a glimpse of the 2006 poster for good measure.

Then on 6 July 2009, BBC 1’s hit sci fi drama Torchwood gave pride of place to the award-winning journal’s ‘Repeat after me’ RSI prevention poster. In the episode, a message is sent to all the governments of earth saying: “We are coming”.The aliens could easily have been talking about the army of elite safety reps roaming the planet in a quest for a safer, healthier working world.

“A lot of people out there saw the posters – our phones were ringing off the hook,” said Hazards magazine’s Jawad Qasrawi. “We are pleased union reps are getting our campaign materials displayed so widely they have now crossed the divide from reality to the world of fiction. It shows the earth’s not the limit when it comes to safety reps  - and establishes beyond doubt that the union safety effect is really out of this world.”

Workers’ Memorial Day posters from 2009 and 2006 and RSI poster

YouTube - Coronation Street - 5th June episode (see 2 minutes 34 seconds into clip)


9 July 2009




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Workers’ Memorial Day posters from 2009 and 2006 and RSI poster.