Hazards is developing 'just transition' resources, these will be updated extensively in the coming months.

Just transition: Protecting jobs, workers and the environment: [Hazards 63, page 17, July-September 1998]

WE ARE BETTER THAN DIRT Workers can have the safe, sustainable and secure job lot
Jobs are in jeopardy. Efforts to plug the ozone layer put coal on the back burner. Jobs producing CFCs are off into the stratosphere. But for workers in polluting industries, it's not all bad - unions have a plan to ensure it's the problem and not the workforce that is dumped. Hazards looks at new union clean production and Just Transition strategies. HTML / PDF

JUST TRANSITION Protecting the environment and protecting jobs is the just way to go
So asbestos has to go, PVC is too damaging to the environmentand CFCs must no longer wreck ozone layer. Maybe, saysRobert E. Wages, President of the Oil, Chemical & AtomicWorkers International Union - but there should be a Just Transition to protects the environment, jobs and communities. Workers' Health International Newsletter Issue 54 July - December 1998 PDF

Unions protect both jobs and the environment New union strategies can project both jobs and the environment. Global union co-operation and policies like "just transition" can mean better, more sustainable work.

Green Left Weekly

Late lessons from early warnings: the precautionary principle 1896-2000 This report is about gathering information on the hazards raised by human economic activities and its use in taking action to protect better the environment and the health of the species and ecosystems that are dependent on it.

SEHN The Science and Environmental Health Network is working to implement the precautionary principle as a basis for environmental and public health policy.

USA An article on "Just Transition" by Jim Young in Sierra Magazine, a long-time US labor health and safety activist and journalist

Canada CLC Policy on Just Transition for Workers During Environmental Change

Up in smoke - what future for tobacco jobs? As the risks associated with smoking and the forces of economic modernization continue to pressure the industry, the ILO has been looking at the future employment prospects for tobacco workers worldwide.

Labour Environmental Alliance Society Homepage "Just Transition must become a fundamental component of public policy if we are to move to greener, more sustainable production," writes LEAS executive director Mae Burrows.

Just transition to a sustainable economy in energy. CEP Policy 915. 2000. PDF

ASJE The Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment

David Moberg. Just Transition: Brothers and Sisters, Greens and Labor: it's a coalition that gives corporate polluters fits. Sierra Magazine (US). January/February 1999.

Green Labour

Just Transition Alliance