haz 70

April-June 2000



4-5: SHARP END: UNION CAMPAIGN AGAINST DEADLY NEEDLESTICK RISK Needlestick and sharps injuries are a top cause of accidents in Britain's largest industry. But as health service unions call for life-saving measures to prevent potentially fatal infections, the health service is stuck on cost-saving fixes. PDF (144k)

6-7: WORKERS' MEMORIAL DAY: GLOBALISING SOCIAL JUSTICE On 28 April, unions everywhere remember the dead and pledge to fight for the living.

8-11: NEWS IN BRIEF Hard labour, problem pregnancies. Boffins damn microchip study. Unions defends victimised rep. MPs demand more from HSE. Disarray in deaths investigations. Bitter blow on compensation. Downsizing makes you sick. Construction workers' double jeopardy. Also: Brain cancer. Unfair dismissal. WTO asbestos delay. Europe's injury stats. Manslaughter verdict. EMF suicides. New management law. NHS violence.

13: DANGER DOWN THE LINE ARE CALL CENTRES THE 21ST CENTURY'S SWEATSHOPS Are you a call centre zombie? Official and union action on the high tech workhouses.

14-15: BRITAIN'S FATALLY FLAWED RISK SYSTEM Is a 1 in 15 chance of an early death really an acceptable workplace risk? Hazards looks at the inconsistencies in the UK risk system. Also: Unions say clean up. Solvents dissolve marriages. US companies agree to vet chemicals. Chemical standards do not protect.

16-17: PSYCHOTERROR! ACTION IS NEEDED TO END BULLYING IN THE WORKPLACE Hazards factsheet no.70. An epidemic of workplace bullying is causing misery, stress and even suicide. Unions want action. PDF

18-19: SICK WORKERS MUST BE TREATED BETTER EMPLOYERS SHOULD REHABILITATE NOT TERMINATE SICK STAFF Seventy people a day lose their jobs because of workplace injuries and illnesses. The TUC wants better treatment for workers. Also: Worker retention projects. NHS OHS OK?

21: ACTION ON WORKPLACE STRAINS European strains prevention week, 16-22 October 2000. Beating back pain. Also: Poll shows toll. Building backs. Boring, boring workload. PDF(185K)

23-25: WHAT THE UNIONS SAY 21st century safety reps. Rio Tinto stink. Virtually educated. Unearthing the truth on construction deaths. Safety and Trades Union Councils - TUC backs Hazards. Also: Asbestos cost. Works councils. Mining compensation. Unions are good value. Pub hours bar. Freelancers hours win. Brits work too hard. Rights guide.

26-27: DRIVEN TO DEATH ONE IN FOUR DEAD DRIVERS ARE KILLED AT WORK One in four dead drivers are killed at work, says TUC. HSE apologises - eventually - for failure to investigate work-related road death.

28-31 RESOURCES Reviews, events, A-Z of recent HSE publications

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