Hazards 69
January - March 2000


1-3: MAKING A KILLING Globalisation makes it a legal duty to put profits before safety. Now unions and campaigners are fighting back. PDF (225K)

4-5: EMPLOYEE CONSULTATION Workers should demand more rights and a better safety system. The UK government's consultation on employee involvement in health and safety ends on 17 March.

6-7: WORKPLACE JUSTICE Workplace safety crimes are not taken seriously - why the system must be changed.

8-11: NEWS IN BRIEF Bhopal, Cape asbestos shame, global asbestos ban nears, Britain's international bad behaviour on ISO standards, fears for ears, information bill is deeply flawed, Workers' Memorial Day - 28 April 2000, overwork deaths, Monday deaths, work causes car crashes, new management safety regulations, Europe's new safety plan.

CENTREPAGES: NOT WHAT WE BARGAINED FOR How 21st century jobs can make you sad, mad and bad - and what you can do about it. PDF (132K)

14-17: UNION ENVIRONMENT GMB green works, TGWU pollution reduction, UNISON protects safety reps and the environment.

18-19: WHAT THE UNIONS SAY Risky science can hurt you, stress in the health service, US firm's sex bias on hours, government wrong on hours law, road risk conference 23 March 2000, Hazards 2000 conference 7-9 April 2000, stress in the "civil" service, counsel tax, union directory, events listing

20-21: COMPENSATION CRISIS Industrial injuries and diseases - union protection pays off, compensation update.

22-23: INFORMATION Communicating on health and safety, HSE A-Z

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