April - June 1999


1- 3 : YOU'll NEVER WORK ALONE Workplace privacy, productivity and ill-health.

4-5: WHERE NEXT FOR SAFETY REPS? A review could create a new, improved role for 'under-valued' trade union safety reps, says the Health and Safety Executive.

6-7: SUSTAINABLE UNIONS Going green can mean less pollution and better jobs... but the UK is lagging behind other industrialised nations.

9-13: NEWS IN BRIEF Solvents cause birth defects. Call for a work stress law. Work ruins your health... and is getting worse. Work kills more than war. Europe's bosses squander millions on work-related ill-health. UK deputy prime minister John Prescott announces 25th anniversary review of health and safety.

15-18: HAZARDS CUMULATIVE INDEX Index of Hazards issues 1-65, 1984-1999. Includes list of factsheets, list of health and safety, campaign and advice centres and subscription information.

CENTREPAGE FACTSHEET No.66: SICKNESS ABSENCE POLICIES Work and health, health and work. Workplace health strategy. Work-related health problems. Other issues: disability; pregnancy; drugs and alcohol. Safety reps. What to do if you are sick. Policy pointers. References and further information.

20-21: PARTNERS YES, PUPPETS NO. Unions back principled health and safety partnerships, says the Trades Union Congress (TUC). Can co-operation work? Chemical unions sign worldwide initiative in a move to improve health, safety and environmental performance in the chemical sector.

22: PARTICIPATION MEANS UNIONS Study shows that active union organisation is the single factor most likely to lead to effective worker participation on workplace health and safety.

23: WORKERS' MEMORIAL DAY. 28 APRIL 1999 Crown no prosecutions service - why are there no manslaughter prosecutions after workplace deaths? One in five workplace deaths should lead to charges, says new research.

25: ASBESTOS Exploit kids and go free - child labour used to strip asbestos, but cowboy builders still evade prison. Asbestos pushers target Britain. World's top doctors back an asbestos ban.

26-28: WHAT THE UNIONS SAY UK Environment minister Michael Meacher rewards top asbestos company man. Don't terminate - rehabilitate. Bullying and harassment. Partnership. TUC speaks up on noise. Pit lung disease payouts. Hot work. Conferences. Women's world of abuse.

29: SMOKERS AND CHOKERS Report calls on employers to negotiate not impose policies. Five steps to a smoking policy.

30: HAZNEWS Irritating airports... chemicals cause breathing problems for airport workers. Perc up your kidneys... low levels of common organic solvent can damage your kidneys.

31: A-Z of recent HSC and HSE publications.

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