Hazards 83
July-September 2003

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Hazards, issue 83, July-September 2003

Contents [pdf]

4-5 Don't go breaking my heart Stress at work greatly increases the risks of a fatal heart attack or stroke. And it's not the boardroom fat cats that are at greatest risk, leading US stress authority Paul Landsbergis tells Hazards. It's us poor grunts on the shopfloor. [more]

6-7 Death sentences Later this year, the government says it will publish a draft corporate killing bill. It is not promising a law, just another consultation - the third corporate killing consultation in nine years. And whatever it proposes, the government is clear deadly directors will have nothing to fear. [pdf]

8-13 News in brief Union pressure wins work hours victory. Better behaviour on HSE research. Official backing for "immensely beneficial" safety reps. Ban smoking at work call from top government doc. TUC backs lawyer-lite injury compensation. Coroners shake up. Soaring accidents hit NHS staff. Businessmen behaving badly. Construction blitz shuts 1 in 4 sites. Which white van are you going home in? Asbestos cause 1 in 50 early deaths. Here we go again - loo breaks update.

14-15 Have a safe journey The transport sector is high on anybody's list of dangerous places to work. Sam Dawson, of global transport unions' federation ITF says co-ordinated union action on a workplace, national and global scale is the ticket to safer transport. [more]

Centrepages Drop dead It's the thoroughly modern way to die at work. Top occupational diseases of the 21st century will be heart attacks, suicide and strokes. Hazards argues that none of us should be worked into the ground. [more]

18-19 Safety rap Kevin Curran knows a thing or two about health and safety - he's been a grassroots safety activist, union safety rep and a full-time union safety officer. Now, as the newly elected leader of GMB, one of Britain's biggest unions, he says there must be a bigger role for union safety reps - and is challenging HSE to promote the lifesaving union effect.

20-21 Safety reps at work Top prize for UCATT rep. Union reps tackle kids' strains risk. Education reps get safety charter. Barclays bank on Unifi roving reps. Talking our language. The wonder of webbing. Painful evidence. Hazards Questionnaire.

22-27 What the unions say Work is no picnic. Call centre workers tea'd off. TGWU says farms are no place for kids. Print union wins bladder cancer row. What price on your life? Take a stab at prevention. Shop criminals. Stop whingeing. Chemical crime in Bhopal. Union reverses car plant's unsafe route. Cape pays cut price compensation. Support ACTSA. Events.

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