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Killing workers is bad for the environment

More than eight in 10 US workers — 85 per cent — rank workplace safety their top labour standards concern, ahead of family and maternity leave, minimum wage, paid sick days, overtime pay and the right to join a union, according to a new study from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University […]
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Toxic chemicals action can benefit everyone

There must be new legislative and policy measures to prevent exposure to toxic chemicals, a new US report has concluded. It says this mix of mandatory and voluntary initiatives can deliver benefits for workers and the community. ‘Preventing toxic exposures: Workplace lessons in safer alternatives’ calls for a comprehensive, proactive federal chemicals management policy to […]
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Anatomy of a cancer cover up

The UK’s official workplace health and safety watchdog is helping the microelectronics industry cover up worrying evidence of occupational cancer risks, a campaign group has charged. Phase Two, which represents workers who believe their health was damaged by exposures at National Semiconductor’s (NSUK) plant in Greenock, Scotland, was speaking out on the 24 August publication […]
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It’s good to reuse the green, green glass….

Discarded beer and wine bottles can help build a greener future, a Hong Kong union has demonstrated. The Hong Kong Dumper Truck Driver Association (HKDTDA) launched an innovative Green Glass Green pilot project in June. Drivers collect used wine and beer bottles from designated disposal areas three times a week. From there, the green glass […]
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US tour drives home clean energy jobs message

Legislation that would create and save millions of jobs across the US by building a  clean energy economy has stalled, while nations like China are forging ahead, the BlueGreen Alliance has reminded legislators. The US alliance, a coalition of union and environmental groups, kicked off a ‘Job’s Not Done Tour’ this week. The 30-city bus tour […]
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Unions back ‘just transition’ to green transport

Transport workers must take responsibility for tackling climate change, their unions have agreed. The first-ever climate change conference of ITF, the global union federation for the sector, heard delegates urge ITF to develop sustainable means to achieve emission reductions from the transport industry. The conference, which preceded ITF’s congress in Mexico City this month and […]
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Cut throat contracts sink ‘social responsibility’ claims

Are the policies paraded by brand name companies, proclaiming their virtuous factory floor to shop floor operations worldwide, really worth the paper they are written on? The occupational cancer and suicide scandals that have hit microelectronics firms operating in Asia are the latest to cast doubt on the supply chain oversight employed by multinationals to […]
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Deregulation’s deadly reality gulf

Governments listen to business. Left to them, there’s three certainties in life – deregulation, disasters and workplace deaths and diseases. In a new campaign, we remind them that ‘We didn’t vote to die at work.’
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Oil industry ‘malfeasance’ kills hundreds

The US oil and gas industry has been responsible for thousands of fires, explosions and leaks over the last decade, causing hundreds of deaths and widespread habitat and wildlife destruction, a new report has concluded. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) says its findings underscore “petroleum company malfeasance.” It says its study, based on official data […]
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No clean start for BP

CLEAN START? Producing oil may be a high risk business, particularly if you plumb unmanageable depths in the world’s oceans. But BP’s problem stems from its first priority: producing profits.
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