Just transition on the global agenda

Trade unions are keeping on the pressure to ensure “Just Transition” remains on the agenda for December’s UN climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Union representatives who will form part of the ITUC delegation at the Copenhagen meeting met this week with Michael Zammit Cutajar, who will chair the UN negotiations.

The union side “expressed their satisfaction for seeing in the current negotiating text one of the most important demands for labour: the call for a ‘Just Transition’ for workers in the process to achieve a climate-friendly and climate-resilient society,” reports ITUC.

The union side, ITUC added, “also informed the chair about other demands being delivered to governmental negotiators, such as the need for recognising the role of social protection, the vulnerability of precarious workers and public investment in the context of adaptation, and for promoting sustainable industrial policies, dialogue with social partners and skills development policies when discussing mitigation, among others.”

 In a separate move, the UK government’s environment secretary, Ed Miliband, acknowledged the strategic value of Just Transition in his speech to the annual Congress of national union federation TUC in September.

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